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I love my cat Buddy!
I found him on my porch a few months ago and he was exrteemly hungry so I put some food out and he ate it in two seconds! I went to bed after.
The next morning he was there again I was crying because he was crying, so I asked if we could keep him.... Mom said no- He will get attacked-and Dad said absolutely not! ( he hates cats) So I took care of him outside instead of in, I set up a little bed for him, gave him food and water, gave him a little string- tied it on a pole so he could chase it, and in two seconds later he was asleep on the bed I had made him!
A few days after all of that hard work I was sick and tierd of watching him sleep outside in the freezing cold so I brought some blankets out and a pillow and told my Mom and Dad that was going to sleep out there because I felt so bad, and my Dad said 'you've gotta be kidding me." I shrugged and went outside with all of that stuff. I was very quiet because Buddy was asleep on the bed, so I snuggled with my pillow and went to sleep in the cold.
A few minutes later my mom said Casey.......Come in here! I came in and said "what."
"You can let you keep Buddy but he's going to be your responsibility!" said Mom
" OMG OK OK OK OK!!!!!" i said
Mom and I gave him a tic bath and put him down stairs so he knew where the litter was. And so on he was mine forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you Buddy!

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