my best friend forever.. :p

Posted over 2 years ago by southern angel

well my best friend is taylor dawkins. she is like a sister to me. she has been by me through middle school. we have been best friends since our fifth grade year. she will never be replaced with anyone else cuz no one can do what she did for me. when she waz worried bout her boyfriend dumping her, she came to me about it. i told her that her boyfriend would be really stupid if he ever dumped her cuz he will never find anyone that is as sweet, kind, beautiful as she is. she had my back when i waz being bullied. i promised her that i would never date any of her exboyfriends. taylor dawkins is koolest gurl i have ever met. her parents and her little sister loves me. i would kill myself if i lost my best friend. i told my best friend that if i ever gett married, she would be the brides maid. i love hern as a best friend and as a sister. i wish i could tell her this in person. i will tell her that she is the sister i never had. :p

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