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This one's over the Babymouse graphic novel series by Mathew and Jeniffer Holm.There are 12 books in the series so far: Queen of the World, Our Hero, Beach Babe, Rock Star, Heartbreaker, Camp Babymouse, Skater Girl, Puppy Love, Monster Mash, The Musical, Dragonslayer, and Burns Rubber. 

Babymouse just wants to be queen of the world. (Well, she wants straight whiskers, too, but that's a completely different story.) Follow her through her life, as she dodges Felicia Furrypaws, worst enemy, hangs out with best friend Wilson Weasel, and tries to find a date to the valentine's day dance. Watch her audition for the school musical, eat cupcakes, and watch the epic battles with her locker. (It honestly DID turn into a black hole!) Famous for her uttering of "Typical," Babymouse is full of sass. Even the narrator has an attitude in this book! 

I love this series! Babymouse's life is a fun one to read about, and her daydreams are just pure fun. I love the fights between our heroine and the narrator, and I could read them over and over.

Final Grade: A-

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