Why PS3 is better than Xbox 360

Posted almost 2 years ago by Swag_For_Life_18

Guys, most of you might think Xbox 360 is better than PS3. That isn't true. PS3 is 66,000,000,000% WAY BETTER than Xbox 360. Here is some proof. On PS3, the mods are way cheaper. On the Xbox 360, The mods are very expensive. This may not seem true, but it is. Here are some other reasons. The Xbox 360 overheats faster than a PS3. You could leave an Xbox on for a night and it would overheat. (Most likely). You can leave a PS3 on for 5 nights and it would overheat (Unless you are downloading a game). People are saying PS3 is copying Xbox. Yes, that is true, but PS3's only cost $298 to the most. Xbox 360's cost almost $330. PS3's have better games, even though they have some of the same games as Xbox. The games on PS3 are cheaper. Whaddya say? If you like this post, you are saying PS3 is better. If you dislike this post, you are saying Xbox is better. Rate, comment, and most importantly, LIKE!

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Swag_For_Life_18 wrote:
2013-03-21 13:04:54 -0700

Actually, you just have to say if you like PS3 or Xbox better in the comments.


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