Top 10 Tips To Song Writing

Posted 11 months ago by Tatiana111

This is a blog about a few tips to song writing! Hope it helps!

1) Don't just rush into a song. Don't just rush. Just no. Rushing doesn't help at all. Focus and take effort on this song.

2) You know song writing doesn't take just 1 day to master it. It takes years of constantly thinking of new and new ideas.

3) Remember to always think of creative ideas. If you saw a movie, or read a book. Write a song about that!

4) Had a heartbreak? Like Taylor S? Write a song like that!

5) Instruments help a lot! If you can play the piano! Compose a song like that! Guitar? Use that! Any instrument. Except...Like...The flute...

6) Think of the genre of the song. Pop, classical. rap?

7) Once it's done and you think it's good enough. Show your song to your family and see what you need to change! Or show a friend! (Remember don't trust strangers! They may try and take the song from you)

8) Edit your work, remember "Edit" it's a good word to use. Always edit and see what you can change.

9) Get yourself out there! Start a channel or something up! But get your song out there!

10) Don't be disapointed when you are called out and critizized! Not all songs are perfect! So don't sweat it!

Hope this helped!

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