Torn between him and him. a one direction love story. THIS IS A STORY ITS FICTION.

Posted over 2 years ago by Taylor945

"Pick Harry." "No pick Liam!" My friends were arguing which guy i should pick. "Guys, stop im trying to think!" I replied. Im the ' fanmous one ' you could say in my class. Why? Well im best friends with One Direction. I had found out last week that Harry Styles and Liam Payne each have a crush on me. And they are both planning on asking me out. "She should pick Liam." My friend Lisa said, as she turned the page of my One to One with One Direction magazine. "No she should be Mrs. Harry Styles." My other friend Lianne disagreed. "Uggggh!" I groaned. My phone started ring. "Hello?" I answerded. "Hey Taylor, love. "Louis? Is that you?" I asked. "Yes it is me, love." Louis replied. " What now?" I asked him. "Harrys having a meltdown. He keeps saying something about how you found out?" Louis told me. "Love you need to come down here. Its getting worse." Louis' usally sweet british accent was trembling. "Whos house?" I asked grabbing my bag. "Zayns." Louis replied. I hung up and ran out the door. I ran as fast as i could down the street. I knocked. "Taylor love! So nice to see you again!" Zayn greeted me as he kissed me on the cheek. I blushed. "Thanks Zayn." I said. Louis came running to me. "Taylor finally! Love come, Haarys getting worse by the minute." Louis grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs to where Harry was. I knocked on the door gently. Louis gently pushed me inside and gestered for Niall and Liam to follow him downstairs. I sat down o the bed next to Harry. I placed a hand on his shoulder. His head shot around and when he met my gaze, he relaxed. His body was hot from his heart beating so fast. "Hi handsome." I said softly, smiling. He smilied to. "Hey beautiful." He said, his sweet voice filling the room. We always greet eachother like that. Its our thing. "You know what i've always wondered?" I asked Harry. He looked me sraight in the eyes. "What that One Thing is." I told him. I put head on his shoulder. "I know what it is. Its you." He said, kissing my forehead. Is it true? I asked myself. Am i in love with Harry Styles?

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Taylor945 wrote:
2012-05-12 07:40:32 -0700

Dont worry chapter 2 is coming!


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