me,myself,and i

Posted over 5 years ago by theresea98

hey guys my name is Maria,Theresea,abe i love Beyonce,Bow wow,Keri Hilson,Lil Wayne and i love basket ball and i love to dance i was born september 10,1998 on a thursday 12:15 a.m but anyway i have a lot of friends there names are maddy,cameron,octavia,dante,kayla,chasity,lola,and me and dwayne are friends now,natemeon,mia,and bunch more but we all get along we hang out alot especially my friend maddy were like sister we know each other for 2 years and my boyfriend cameron and thats all about me and thats why its called M.T.A it all about me that what mta stands for maria theresea abe well thats all about me, bye me myself and i

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