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TWILIGHT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! We have to do a talk at school and mine is on a movie review. This is what i say. Goodmorning 6r and miss reeves.
Today i will be doing a movie review
on the movie Twilight.The director of
this movie is Catherine Hardwicke.
This movie came out on DVD on April
22nd 2009. The main actors in the movie
are Edward Cullen, the vampire, Bella, who falls
in love with Edward, Jacob Black, Carlile

Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Emmat Cullen,
Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen.There are
also 3 bad vamires called James, Laurent
and Victoria. I dont like James and
Victoria, because they want to kill Bella.
I like Edward and Bella because they are
very nice. I also like Alice because she
is nice and funny.

At the beggining of the movie, Bella is curious
about Edward because he is always acting str-
angely. Bella asks Jacob if he knows anything
about him. Jacob said his family came from an old
tribe and were nicknamed The Pale Faces. Bella
then buys a book about Qulete legends. She reads
it, and figgers out that Edward is a vampire.

She confronts Edward and Edward doesnt deny it.
He takes her to meet his family. Rosalie doesnt like
Bella at first, but gets used to her in the end a bit.
Bella and Edwards family go to play baseball, and
thats when the 3 bad vampires come in. These vapires
are bad because they drink human blood. But edwards
family drink animal blood, but if they taste human blood,
it is almost impossible to stop.

When laurent, james and Victoria came, James smelt Bella.
And he really wants to drink her blood. Then the family are
running away from James and Victoria, because Laurent does
not want to hurt her. Then Bella gets a phonecall from James,
saying that he had her mother, but she could be safe if Bella
came to him. Bella met him in her old ballet studio,and he bit
her, but then edward came in and he did fight James. Edward
then had to help Bella by sucking the venom out, but he was

afraid he wouldnt be able to stop. He finaly started to
suck the venom out, but afer it was all out,he couldnt
stop. After a while, he had the will to stop. Bella
woke up in hospital after all that happened and asked
Edward what happened to james. He said that he had
killed him, but the girl victoria ran off. Bella and
Edward went to the prom and Bella asked Edward
if he could turn her into a vampire, but he doesnt
want to.

Bella said to him that she knows what she wants,
but he still cant bite her, he doesnt want to hurt
her. Through the window Victoria was watching them
but they couldnt see her, and she had an evil smile on
her face. There will be a follow on in the next movie.
I enjoyed watching this movie because it is SO cool!
I'm not sure what other movies these actors have been
in. The rating for this movie is M. But can be watched
by mature kids.

I woud give this movie a 10 out of 10 because it is awe-
some and my favourite Movie!! Thankyou

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