Blonde Jokes

Posted about 4 years ago by unlucky_girl

1. Blonde goes into PC World looking for curtains, assistant
says: 'You don't need curtains for a PC'. Blonde replies: 'Hello, but mine has windows!!'

2.Blonde: What does GTG mean? Brunette: Got to go.
Blonde: Ugh! Every-time I ask someone they have to leave!

3. a blonde was going to Disney land she saw a sign that said Disney land left she said oh better go home

4.2 Blonds r sitting on a porch in Rhode Island @ night.1 blonde asks the other,"Which 1 is farther;the moon or California?"
she replies,"Duh!Can u c California?"

5.Blondie: Do you know what IDC means? Me: I don't care.
Blondie: OMG! Nobody cares!

6.a blond looks at the computer and it says press any key to start. the blond sits there for 10 minutes and finally screams out WHERE IS THE "ANY" KEY?

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unlucky_girl wrote:
2011-05-13 20:25:07 -0700

ehehehe (;

SweetBabeX wrote:
2011-05-10 21:10:50 -0700

haha this r sooo funy!!! lol

Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Rin wrote:
2010-11-22 16:29:59 -0800



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