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Well , I'm a huge agime fan . I absolutely LOVE Clannad and Clnnad after story . It's a romance/comedy , I think it aired in 2007 , so it's pretty recent . There's english dub and english subtitles . I watched it in English dub , I don't know if subtitles is better :/
anyways some recommendations:
Kimi ni todoke
Kaichou wa maid sama
Marmalade boy ( it's older , all the ones listed were created in the twenty - first century)
Those are only three , I'll have to think of more . I can draw anime , but it takes too much time , I'd rather watch it than draw it xD . I can speak some of the language ( japanese) , but I can't read the romaji ( the written part) . Anyways , if you have some recommendations I like romance/comedy . I DON'T LIKE YAOI AND YURI . Bye , bye .

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If you read manga then:
Say I love you

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Another one:
Bokura ga ita


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