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Sorry I havn't written in my has been crazy here. But now that school is over, I can R-E-L-A-X!! lol. Well, I am having some guy troubles...there is this guy i like...his name is John. And well, we are the best of friends...and I really like him....and i heard from a relible sorce that he really likes me. But the thing is...i am afraid to ask him to truly go out. I asked him to a dance, but thats different. Do you think I should ask him? Comment and tell me what I should do....and hurry! lol..thanks.

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mamachitta 13
mamachitta 13 wrote:
2008-06-16 06:21:33 -0700

I think you should ask him because if you ask him now he wont fall for someone else later smile smile smile


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