do not be meeeeeennnn

Posted over 4 years ago by xzoe8yx

first i want to right this for my friends and for every one i geuss k couple things i want to get clear on im not emo just to let u now
1)just because i like black dosnt mean im emo its just a color i ware it because to me it stands for the music i like (rock)
2)just because i have scarrs on my body dose Not mean i cut myself it means atleast for me that im clumsy.
k i just need to get something off my chest my friend is emo and shes proud of it and she is the swwweeetttest purson you will ever meat in your life time and thes bratts at her school make fun of her so badly that she didnt eat 4 a week and that does not fly with me shantell just sayen and pllleeeaaasssee be nice to every body who is because what if it was turned around and people made fun of you 4 who you are not such a good feeling right so pleaSE STOP THE BULLYING I BEGGG im sorry if some things are mist spelled i have deslexya

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