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Angie Akers Interview

Feb 01, 2008
By: Simon

Beach volleyball star Angie Akers can spike a ball on just about anybody! Check out Kidzworld's exclusive interview with Angie!

Simon: Who were your role models growing up in Indiana?
Angie Akers: My role model growing up was my older sister. I wanted to do anything that she did. But I was also super competitive with her. Anything that she did, I had to be better than her. She definitely played a significant role in my athletic success. Without her to compete with, I am not sure what would have happened.

Simon: They say you were a great basketball player in high school. What was your game like?
Angie Akers: My game was "run and gun" style. I would outwork my opponents and take it to them. While they were tired, I was pushing the pace and wearing them down. I always loved to practice, so I would shoot, shoot, and shoot some more until I had a great shot. I would score a lot of points. I think I still have the city record for points scored in a single game (46).

Simon: Do you think you could have made the WNBA?
Angie Akers: If I had wanted to and put my mind to doing it, I would have worked as hard as I could to make it happen.

Simon: You have been playing on the AVP tour for over six years, how has the ride been?
Angie Akers: The ride has been bumpy, but very rewarding. Beach Volleyball is such a unique sport in that there are so many elements that go into the game. For instance, there are two people per team, but there are no contractual obligations between partners. It is only a verbal commitment that is broken more times than not. What this means is that there is no security. Injuries, opportunities with other players, pregnancies - these are all reasons why partnerships split up. Besides that, the game is played in the sand, with the sun in your eyes, and the wind sometimes howling at your back. The environmental elements can be more challenging than your opponent. Learning to play in all sorts of conditions is part of the key to success on the beach.

Personally, I have gone through my share of ups and downs. I had early success which got me hooked. I have struggled with many partners before really coming into my own in 2007 with Brooke Hanson. It took several years of playing different styles and positions with different partners to realize what my strengths are and to be able to effectively use them. I feel like I just figured myself out and now I can take leaps forward.

Simon: How much longer do you want to play?
Angie Akers: I want to play as long as I possibly can. I am 31 right now and I project that I will play into my 40s.

Simon: What is your proudest accomplishment?
Angie Akers: My proudest athletic accomplishments to date are running the Boston Marathon and making the Final at the 2007 Chicago Open.

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