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The Sims Game Cheats: Infinite Money

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Does your Sim family need a few extra simoleons to buy that cool couch? Or are there a few things you want to redecorate? Kick in these game cheat codes to make the virtual family of your dreams.

Is your Sim family less like a perfect family and more like a disaster? Do you need a little extra kick to make things perfect? Activate some of these cheat codes and you'll be able to do everything from scoring bonus cash to locking up the mail delivery dude.

If you plan on using a game cheat, you're gonna have to enter the code into a lil' pop-up window. You get the pop-up window by hitting: Ctrl + Shift + C. Once the window is up, type in the cheat and hit Enter to activate it.

Sims Cheat Codes
Cheat Code
1000 Simoleons (if your game is the original, unpatched Sims) klapaucius
1000 Simoleons (if you have the patch, Livin' Large or House Party) rosebud
Create a Moat or Stream water_tool
Create-a-Character Mode edit_char
Map Editor On map_edit on
Map Editor Off map_edit off
Move Any Object move_objects on
Rotate Camera rotation [0-3]
Say "plugh" plugh
Say "xyzzy" xyzzy
Set Game Speed sim_speed [-1000 - 1000]
Set Grass Change Value edit_grass [number]
Set Grass Growth grow_grass [0-150]
Set Time Of Day (unpatched, original Sims only) set_hour [1-24]

Just in case you're frustrated you can toast The Sims with the code: crash or quit the game with the code: quit.

There are a few other options, too. If you want to hook a couple of cheats together stick a ";" between them. Entering: rosebud;plugh will score you 1000 simoleons and have the game say "plugh." You can even repeat your last cheat with "!" rather than typing the cheat again. An easy trick is to punch in "rosebud" for 1000 Simoleons, then type in !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !;... for about 30 gazillion more simoleons.

Another trick you can pull to mess with the mail delivery dude, and anyone else that wanders near your place, is this: activate the "Map Editor On" cheat and build a tiny area with a fence all around it. Once you have the fence ready, activate the "Move Any Object" cheat, then grab the mailman and drop him in the fenced area - he's trapped and can't deliver your bills.

What's your coolest Sim story? about it and we'll publish it and you can brag to all your friends.

Build your Sim's house on Cheat Street so they'll have all the latest cheat codes, hints, secrets and strategies.

1Well, I was with my cousin and we decided to make a house. And as we thought more and more on what we wanted to do we made a house out of the outdoor lamp posts. Then one of my sims decided to grill up some burgers but he had no experience cooking so then he set the house on fire! (well, if you can call it a house?)Then two of my sims died and the grim reaper came and one sim came back to life and the other one came back to life green! He was a zombie or somthing like that. Then that depressed clown came and ruineed their lives. Then a burglar came and stole their computer three times. Ahhhh that was the coolest (and most tragic) sims house i ever had.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: bob_the_garbage_man
Age: 14
Rating: 5

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