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Grk and the Hotdog Trail Book Review

Reviewed by on Jul 24, 2008
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the adventure book Grk and the Hot Dog Trail written by Joshua Doder.

Author: Joshua Doder

Looking for an awesome summer read? Come follow the lovable dog Grk and his owner Tim as they try to locate a missing statue on the streets of NYC!

The Grk Series

It's fair to say Grk is one busy dog. Grk and the Hot Dog Trail is the third book about the famous dog by author Joshua Doder. In each book, GRK is in a different country gettin' in all sorts of trouble! In Grk Smells a Rat, Grk helps save kids in India who are enslaved. But on't be fooled by his cute looks, Grk is a very clever dog. The friendship he shares with Tim is a bond that can't be duplicated. This time around, Grk and Tim are off on vacation in the world's most famous city, New York!

A Missing Statue

On vacation in the big city, Tim, Grk, Natascha and Max do it all. They go visit the Statue of Liberty and go shopping on Fifth Avenue. Their vacation plans change when a billion-dollar statue goes missing. Even though Max and everyone else believe they know who did it, Tim and his trusty dog know better. The two best friends put on their detective hats and get to the bottom of who is responsible for this robbery. Of course, they run into some trouble along the way as they follow a trail of hot dogs from Central Parkall the way to Brooklyn.

The Bottom Line

Grk and the Hot Dog Trail is worth reading because it has something for everyone. There are plenty of good laughs, a lot of thrilling action and of course a heartwarming story about a dog and its owner. If you like mystery and suspense, there are plenty of great twists in the plot. Doder does a fine job at hooking the reader and he also tells the story in a creative way.

Grk and the Hot Dog Trail Rating: 4

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