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Survivor Africa - Epi 3

Dec 27, 2006

Episode three was a disappointment. Even the lions were yawning. It's the most boring episode so far.

Life at the Boran camp seems to be A-OK, while Samburu clearly becomes divided. Lindsey, Brandon, Silas and Kim P. decide to make necklaces that symbolize their unity while the old guys are excluded and are clearly bugged.

Lindsey finds out she's not as tough as she makes herself out to be. She vigorously kicks and struggles to knock a small tree down for firewood. It looks like she's overexerting herself big time. Turns out she is cuz the next thing you know, she's laying on the ground crying, sick with heat exhaustion and sore kidneys.

In the reward challenge, the two teams each have to roll a large "boulder" (which looks like a giant meatball) through a long obstacle course. It might sound easy but members of both tribes fall and get squished by the boulder. This doesn't stop Boran from winning. They hit the jackpot and win a huge tank of water - enough to last them until the merge.

The object of the immunity challenge is to create a rescue signal on the ground that can be seen from above by a plane. Samburu spells "SOS" in large letters on the ground with shrubs while tribe members wave flags made out of clothing. Boran does the same inside a circle and with a lot of color. When the plane flies over - it's no contest. Samburu's rescue signal blends in with the terrain while Boran's sticks out like a nun in a mosh pit. Uh-oh - Boran wins immunity and Samburu is off to tribal council for the first time.

At the dreaded tribal council it's clear that the team is divided between young and old. It's a tie between Lindsey and Carl, which means a re-vote. The next vote is a tie again - now what? Jeff Probst resorts to a little Q & A from the tribal handbook and asks them questions about surviving in Africa. Looks like Lindsey studied a little more. She pulls it off and Carl is gonged.

Next week the two tribes become further split and survivors have a show down with a water buffalo. Let's cross our tiki torches and hope it's better than this episode!

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