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Sports News:October 28

Dec 27, 2006

There's good news for everyone who hates the New York Yankees. The team that won the last three World Series' lost their bid for a fourth, thanks to a ninth inning comeback by the Arizona Diamondbacks. The D-Backs gave the Yanks a nasty snake bite and won their first ever World Series. Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson shared the MVP award by being the only Arizona pitchers who could actually be trusted.

San Diego Chargers' quarterback, Doug Flutie, dished out some sweet revenge against his former team on October 28th. Flutie ran in for a touchdown with a minute left in the game to give the Chargers a 27 - 24 win over the Buffalo Bills - the team that cut Doug earlier in the year. The Chargers are now 5 - 2, while the Bills are a nasty 1 - 5. Before the game, the owner of the Bills said he would rather win the game against the Chargers than the Super Bowl. His team didn't win the game and won't make it near the Super Bowl.

The guy that came up with the idea of handing out yellow cards and red cards for major fouls during soccer games has handed out his last card. Ken Aston died on October 23rd at the age of 86. Ken thought of the yellow and red cards while sitting at a traffic light after reffing a rough 1966 World Cup quarter-final game between England and Argentina.

There will be some never before seen extreme action at the 2002 Winter Games which take place on Buttermilk Mountain in Colorado, January 17th to 20th. Two new events are being added to this year's games - skiing superpipe and skiing slopestyle. They will replace the skiing and snowboarding Big Air competitions which are being cut from the 2002 event.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are now more than just a sickeningly sweet, recently hitched, tennis super-couple. They're also parents. Steffi gave birth on October 27th in Las Vegas. Their first child is a boy named Jaden Gil. Bets are already being placed that Jaden will win his first Grand Slam event in 2020.

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