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SimCity Creator :: Wii Game Review

Reviewed by on Sep 23, 2008
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Build the greatest city in the world, then destroy it with earthquakes and giant lizards! Here’s Gary’s SimCity Creator review.

Want to make a city? How about flatten one with a giant spiked ball? SimCity Creator let's you do both! Made by EA for the Nintendo Wii, this game lets you build your dream city, from the streets to special buildings, then obliterate it! Gary built Garyopolis, a city made of cake, and let giant dinosaurs eat it all. Here's his game review!

Build it and Smash it Down!

SimCity is a classic game of city-creation and it hasn't changed much. You get a budget, spend it on building your city, collect taxes so you can build more stuff, and then finally unleash a nightmare swarm of disasters to turn your city into smoking rubble. SimCity Creator also gives you missions that unlock more options, a city tour mode to fly through your city and Hero Buildings that let you change the look of your city.

Made With 100% Wacky

If you like goofy games, you're in luck. The Hero Buildings and city style options let you do crazy things to your city - like build it from cake, or make it look like it's from the future! Combined with the bizarre ways you can utterly crush your city when you're done, the options are a lot of fun. And, for the first time ever, you can build cities with curved roads!


It's a lot of fun, but SimCity Creator is like playing a popcorn game. It's light, fluffy and tasty - but it doesn't last! The graphics are ho-hum and make the cities look small. You can't even see traffic unless you're in city tour mode. The game modes help, but unless you really dig building cities and crushing them, you'll be done with it soon.

Building the Bottom Line

SimCity Creator is a lot of fun and has some really wicked options for your city that will keep you laughing as you play with them. Rough graphics hurt the fun factor, but it's still a hoot to goof around as you build the weirdest cities ever made, then destroy them!

Thumbs Up:

  • Lots of options for city-thrashing.
  • Bizarre city-transforming modes!
  • Design and destroy with Wiimote controls.
  • Curved roads! For the first time ever in a SimCity game!

Thumbs Down:

  • The streets look empty unless you're in city tour mode.
  • Runs out of fun too fast.

Game Rating: 4

Available for: Wii.

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