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Survivor Africa - Epi 8

Dec 27, 2006

We find the newly merged Moto Maji hanging back at camp after feeding Clarence to the lions at Tribal Council. But not everyone is relaxing. Lex is stewing. He wants to know who, besides Clarence, voted against him. Instead of using logic and rational thinking, he goes with his "gut" and decides it must have been Kelly. Why this guy is trusting in a gut that hasn't been fed much more than mush for more than a month is beyond me.

The reward Challenge is their first task and it's pretty fun. They have a bunch of items they have to put at the end of a plank. When they jump on the other end of the plank, it's supposed to hurl the objects in the air and if they land in a basket, they can move on to the next object. The person to get all their objects in the basket first, wins goats. Yep, goats.

Ethan wins and the next day he is given a lift into town to barter the goats for money or whatever else he wants. The tribe gives him a bunch of personal items he can barter in order to get some goodies. Ethan is allowed to bring a bud and picks Lex, cuz he came in second in the challenge. They trade the goats for cash and eat a bunch of french fries then hang out with townspeople while they barter. It must be noted that Ethan playing Hackey Sack with the village kids totally ups his cuteness factor.

The Reward Challenge is a memory game. They have to memorize what is in nine boxes and then copy them. People get knocked outta this pretty easily, but memories tend to fade when you're starving to death in an African oasis, so you can't blame 'em. Ethan ends up winning this one too - must be all those french fries he got to eat the day before.

Lex, still freakin' over who might have voted him out, convinces Tom, Ethan and Kim J to break their alliance with Kelly and vote her off. It works. Still, if Brandon doesn't switch sides and vote for Kelly, Lex would have been the one booted. Brandon has proved to be the dumbest survivor ever if he thinks that Lex and the gang wouldn't drop him in a heartbeat.

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