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Kids Kurrents Jan 5-9, 2009

Jan 09, 2009

What’s happening in the world this week – with a Kidzworld spin!

News and events for January 5 – January 9, 2009

  • Mummy, I’m Home! The remains of a mummy thought to belong to a queen who ruled 4,300 years ago have been discovered in Egypt.
  • Costa Rica Quake: A powerful earthquake hit Costa Rica in Central America, killing at least three and injuring many others.
  • Man with a Plan: President-elect Barack Obama said that if U.S. Congress doesn’t do something to help fix the poor economic situation in America, the recession could last for years and many more people could lose their jobs.
  • Mayhem in the Middle East: Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting in Gaza for almost two weeks now over who has the right to live where.
  • Adorable but deadly!: One of the world’s most bizarre animals is called the Hispaniolan Solenodon.
  • Spidey Saves Obama! The next American President Barack Obama is about to saved from a sticky situation by super-hero Spider-Man.
  • A Muddy Mess! Been feeling chilly this winter? Well, imagine putting on a wetsuit, swimming across an icy river and then crawling through a huge heap of mud!
  • Will Britney Do It Again? Britney Spears confirmed her plans for a 2009 comeback tour to support her latest album – Circus.

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