Howtoons Comic Review

Jan 29, 2009
Howtoons Comic Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jan 29, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Comic strips and physics combine in Howtoons, a jumbo comic about two quirky kids and their exciting homemade inventions!

Author: Saul Griffith, PhD., Nick Dragotta and Joost Bonsen

Comic strips and physics combine in Howtoons, a jumbo comic about two quirky kids and their exciting homemade inventions!

Awesome Inventions

Have you ever filled a box or jar with things from outside—dirt, leaves, worms, etc.—to make your own portable garden? If so, then you’ve created a terrarium! Siblings Tucker and Celine will show you how to create the perfect terrarium, along with tons more exciting do-it-yourself inventions. Using simple materials found around the home—rubber bands, soda bottles, coat hangers, etc.—they create unbelievable gadgets. You can follow their simple instructions and make your own inventions!

How-to Projects

Tucker and Celine explore the world of how-to projects. Using an empty soda bottle, they create safety goggles and an awesome underwater scope! They build a mini electric motor with a battery and safety pins, and a flute out of a turkey baster and water. They also show you how to create a sewing dummy so you can design your own fashions. And best of all, they duke it out with their homemade marshmallow shooters!

Knots and Numbers

Tuck and Celine show you how to make deliciously creamy ice cream and how to tie three super strong knots: the clove hitch, the sheet bend and the monkey fist! You can also impress your friends by counting to 31 with one hand or 1023 with two hands using the awesome binary counting system! It’s this system that makes all electronics[/kwlink] count so fast. Finally, they pull the materials from all their projects together to create their own homemade rocket launcher!

The Bottom Line

Part comic strip, part do-it-yourself guide, Howtoons is a fun and interactive way to create the latest, greatest inventions. With Tucker and Celine’s help, you can build some fascinating creations that will definitely impress your friends… without leaving the comfort of your home! Get ideas for independent school assignments and science fair projects! With Howtoons, “the possibilities are endless.”

Howtoons Rating: 5

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