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Babymouse Vol. 1 & 2 Book Review

Reviewed by on Apr 23, 2009
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Dive into the world of Babymouse—an exciting comic book series for kids filled with humor, imagination and a little pink heart!

Authors: Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

Babymouse #1: Queen of the World!

Babymouse would love to be the queen of the world! She could wear a tiara, eat ice cream for lunch and have perfectly straight whiskers…unlike like the stubbornly curly whiskers she has now. Unfortunately, the position as queen of the world (or at least queen of the school) has already been filled…by Felicia Furrypaws. Everyone wants to be Felicia’s friend, including Babymouse! When Felicia decides to throw a party, Babymouse knows that anyone who is anyone will be there. Somehow, someway, Babymouse needs to get an invitation to that party! But is it worth ditching her plans with her best friend, Wilson?

The Bottom Line

The Babymouse books are a series of black, white and pink comics. The curly-whiskered Babymouse is a hilarious character that will have you laughing your pants off. Her vivid imagination lets her take on many personas: a detective, an astronaut, a cowgirl, Cinderella and any other character she can dream up. Babymouse is a fast-paced and funny comic series that is definitely worth a read!

Queen of the World! Rating: 5

Babymouse #2: Our Hero

Babymouse would love to be a hero—to show her courage in the face of danger. But it’s hard for her to be brave when her gym teacher forces her to play the world’s most dangerous, painful and embarrassing sport: Dodgeball! Babymouse prays for an earthquake, a hurricane, a meteor—anything that will cancel gym class! But just in case her wish doesn’t come true, she and her best pal Wilson hone their dodgeball skills. They train, they dodge, they throw…and they pray that they won’t get pummeled by Felicia Furrypaws.

The Bottom Line

In the face of fear, Babymouse’s imagination soars! She imagines herself as a pioneer, a convict, an officer-in-training, Babymousezilla and even Peter Pan! Babymouse conquers her fear and discovers that a little practice goes a long way. Much like the first, this book is a definite must read.

Our Hero Rating: 5

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