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Entertainment News : Recaps :: ANTM + American Idol :: April 22, 2009

Apr 24, 2009

Kidzworld's recap for the episodes that aired Wednesday April 22, 2009:

America's Next Top Model

The six remaining girls flew to the fashion capital of Brazil—San Paulo! They’re super excited until they realize everyone has to share beds : ( The girls are challenged to get in touch with their bodies through capoeira—an Afro-Brazilian art form that incorporates moves from dance, games and martial arts. Fo won the challenge, earning herself some extra frames. She also had to delegate one girl to get the least amount of frames and she chose Teyona since Teyona didn’t choose Fo to be her winning competition partner last week. Talk about petty!

Dats Bananas!

The girls get styled up like Carmen Mirand—you know, the woman on the banana sticker!—for their first ever Brazillian photo shoot. Fo lost the fashion edge and came off looking cheesy—she definitely needed the extra frames she won in the challenge. Teyona on the other hand, despite having 25 less frames than the other girls, really owned the shoot. Tyra said she looked like she felt at home in the environment.

No More Nat

Nigel is finally impressed with Allison—she took the essence of the shoot and turned it up a notch and the resulting photo was a knockout. The judges weren’t impressed with what Teyona wore to panel though—Tyra said the green babydoll dress looked like something she sleeps in! In the end it was Amina and Natalie in the bottom two. Amina bored the judges—she just can’t seem to transfer her bubbling personality onto her photos and Natalie pulled out the same tired sexy face for the umpteenth time. Ultimately the judges thought Natalie was pretty but uninspiring and she was sent home.

American Idol

The top 7 idols—Adam Lambert, L’il Rounds, Anoop Desai, Alison Iraheta, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey were feeling the pressure this week since last time the judges used their save card to keep Matt Giraud from being kicked off. This week TWO idols had to be sent packing. The judges were bowled over by Adam’s performance of If I Can’t Have you—Simon said “You were immaculate” and Paula was in tears…but then when isn’t she?

Bye Bye Lil Rounds & Anoop

Lil Rounds sang Chaka Khan’s I Am Every Woman and Anoop wowed the judges with Donna Summer’s Dim All the Lights, but neither performance was enough to save them. Next week it’s the top 5! Who will America send home next?!

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