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Cool Snowboard Gear

Dec 27, 2006

Boarding is Back! So here's a look at some cool toys to make your season a blast. But remember - look at anything you buy carefully and don't be afraid to test it out. After all you've either had to save up for this gear, or else you've had to con your parents into forking over the goods. So make sure it's good stuff!

The Cool Tool from Da Kine

The Cool Tool is exactly that ... very cool. If you're going to be boarding - this is a must have. It's got all you need to tune up and fix your board: #2 and #3 Phillips head screwdrivers, a flat head screwdriver and 6mm and 8mm hex drivers. It also comes with an 8 and 10mm size wrench. And what's coolest about this tool is its size. Small and lightweight so it's easy to carry and easy to use. You can find them for around 10 bucks -and it's worth it.

Suuntos Black Vector - Wrist Computer

Okay, so you might have a tough time coming up with the cash for this one - but this is the ultimate skiing or snowboarding watch. The Vector pretty much has everything you could put on a watch. It's got an altimeter - that's a device that tells how high up you are. The alitmeter also keeps track of how many runs you've done. This baby also has a thermometer, a barometer (measures pressure), a digital compass and even sings like Britney Spears. Well, it doesn't actually do that (thank God) - but the Vector is waterproof and it's the first computer wristwatch to reach Everest so it's "been there, done that". Oh yeah, this watch also tells time. A great snowboarding toy - costs about 200 bucks U.S.

Burton Day Hiker

Riding with a backpack on can be a real pain. It means you gotta take it off every time you get on the lift and it's just another thing to worry about. But if you're bringing up extra clothes or a lunch, and don't want to keep going back to a locker, sometimes you just need to bring a bag. And the Burton Day Hiker is a nice size for a day on hill. It's waterproof, so stuff doesn't get soaked if it's been snowing all day - or you've been falling all day. Also, this bag has easy access outside pockets so you don't have to worry about rummaging through all your crap whenever you need your glasses or your hat. The bag even has two buckles on the back for strapping on your board - great for those times you need to do some hiking. Runs around 60 bucks U.S.

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