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Top 10 Outdoor Toys 2009

May 12, 2009

Ah, summer. No school, no homework, plenty of sunshine and lots of free time to soak it all up! While your own imagination is a great way to stay active and entertained this summer, we realize you could sometimes use a little help. Say from a great outdoor toy! Kidzworld has compiled a list of the top-10 outdoor toys to guarantee a summer full of fun!

No. 1: Trampolines

Bouncing on one is so much fun, and it’s a great workout, too (whether that’s what you’re planning on using it for or not). Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, but some are safer than others. When choosing one of these bouncy background playthings, look for one that has a sturdy, heavy-duty frame as well as a frame pad that’s made of foam. You need that pad to line the entire outer edge of the trampoline, so you don’t fall and make contact with any hard or metal parts. Many trampolines today also come with cool enclosures (they look like nets but are open at the top) for added safety.

No. 2: Roller skates and blades

When the weather’s warm outside, strap a pair of wheels onto your feet and fly! But be careful: there are lots of safety issues when it comes to roller skates and roller blades. Besides buying the actual thing, you’ll also need to get safety and protective gear, like a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Gloves for your hands will also help keep you safe if you fall on cement. Another good thing to look for are adjustable roller skates and blades – that way, they can grow with your feet and you won’t have to beg for a new pair each summer.

No. 3: Swing sets

We’ve said goodbye to rusty old swing sets of the past and made way for newer, safer, more fun models! Whether you’re a little kid or one who’s slightly bigger, look for a swing set or backyard activity center that’s got the features you like most, like a slide, swings, monkey bars, etc. Make sure you choose one that’s sturdy and safe. Another important thing to consider is whether it will be able to handle your weight or not – you need to get a set that’s specially suited to your age and size.

No. 4: Frisbees

Not just any old Frisbee – a cool one with updated features like LED lights that flash when you throw the disc and fibreoptics to make night-time ultimate games more fun and dynamic than ever before.

Psst! If you want to find out the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, just click here!

No. 5: Bikes and scooters

If you’ve already got a bike or two-wheeled scooter and it’s been sitting in your garage or basement gathering dust, it’s time to introduce it back into daylight for summer cruising fun! Old bikes may need a tune up – it’s always a good idea to take yours to a bike repair shop and make sure everything is ship-shape, including the gears, breaks and tires. And don’t forget to ride safe – use the right hand signals and always wear a helmet.

No. 6: Water guns

Now, we’re not advocating the use of guns, but these are just for play. Besides, what better way to stay fit and cool off at the same time? Get a bunch of friends together, fill up your water gun and choose your boundaries – after that, it’s every man (and woman) to themselves! Just make sure there are plenty of water sources nearby so you can refill in a flash.

No. 7: Sprinklers

This one’s a piece of cake – your mom or dad’s regular old lawn sprinkler will work just fine. Or, you can spring for something fancier – sprinklers, toys and hose attachments that wiggle, squirt and blast you with cold water on a hot summer day. Set it up in the front yard or back and invite any one and every one to join you in a run through the sprinkler! Back and forth, around and around, fast or slow, fancy or plain – it's always fun getting sopping wet in a sprinkler!

No. 8: Swimming pools

Sure, you can go to a public pool or, depending on where you live, down to the beach, but what about those lazy summer days when you don’t feel like straying far from home? How about asking your parents if you can set up an outdoor, inflatable or above-ground pool? These don’t require you to dig a hole in the ground, and they come in tons of different shapes, sizes and depths. Some of today’s portable pools can even fit 10 people or more!

No. 9: Outdoor gear

Camping doesn’t have to mean a long drive or hike to nowhere, pesky mosquitoes or scary night noises – you can camp right in your own back yard! Grab yourself some outdoor gear, like a nice big tent, a flashlight and sleeping bags, and set up camp a short distance from your house. If you want to make a night of it, pack everything you’ll need in your backpack and try not to make any excuses to go back in the house for anything – now that’s roughing it!

No. 10: Pool floaties

Whether the nearest pool is set up in your back yard or a bus stop away, floaties are a great way to have fun in the water. They come in all shapes and sizes and each has a different use. If you’re into relaxing, try a flat or chair-like floaty (some even come with a drink holder attached!). Into something a little more active? Water noodles and giant beach balls may be just the ticket. Or, if you can’t swim yet or are just learning, an inflated ring around your waist or on your arms could make the water safer and more fun for you this summer.

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