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Dear Dish-It: I Don't Like The Girls In My Class

May 13, 2009

Dear Dish-It,

In my class most of the girls just talk about stuff that I simply can't stand, like Hannah Montana. My boyfriend and his best friend are the only people I can have a proper conversation with because the rest of the class can’t understand the big words and phrases I use. Long story short: I can't go through high school with just my BF for company! Should I “dumb down” a bit for the rest of my class or wait till high school so I can meet people who I can properly converse with?


Dear MS&P,

Well, not everyone can be friends with all the people they associate with on a daily basis. Meaning, no one expects you to be friends with every single person in your current class. You’re lucky to have a good friend in your boyfriend, and also lucky that you can call his best friend your friend.

I think if you’re happy with your current social situation, you should just leave it as is. But if you’re lonely or craving more friends, then you will have to make some adjustments. However, you should never have to change who you are just to be friends with other people (unless maybe, just maybe, people think you come across as a snob or someone who thinks she is better than others).

My suggestion is not to change your ways or dumb it down for anyone. Rather, why not look outside of school for social opportunities? Join a club, take an after-school class, play on a sports team – not only are these ways to meet new people and make new friends, you’ll also have a better chance of meeting people you already have things in common with. For example, no one who hates soccer will join a soccer team. If you love soccer and you join up with a team, you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet people there who have the soccer thing in common with you.

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