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A Bug's Life DVD Review

Reviewed by on May 20, 2009
Rating: 4 Star Rating

For the first time ever, Flik and his ant allies are marching onto Disney Blu-ray Hi-Def! Follow Flik as he leaves Ant Island in search of adventure and brave bug warriors to help him fight the bullying grasshoppers that threaten the ant colony.

Fearless Flik

Flik has a hard time fitting in—his inventions cause more problems than they solve, and he’s clumsier than most ants. When Flik’s latest invention accidentally knocks the food offering meant for the grasshoppers into the pond, the grasshoppers are not pleased. They vow to return after the last leaf falls to claim double the offering of food. Princess Atta is just learning the royal ropes from her mother, so it’s her job to clean up Flik’s mess. When Flik offers to leave Ant Island in search of warrior bugs, Atta agrees—but only to get Flik out of the way!

A Bug's Life DVD Review

Army of Ants

Once off the island and in the big city, Flik mistakes some circus bugs for burly brawlers and the circus bugs think Flik is looking for performers! Once both parties realize their mistake, it’s too late, but maybe with Flik’s vision a little faith, the ants and their new friends can come through, after all.

Special Features

The DVD features outtakes, behind the scenes action, audio commentary and Geri’s Game—the Academy Award winning animated short and new to the Blu-Ray edition are Filmmakers’ Round Table and A Bug’s Life: The First Draft that includes animated sequences form the original story treatment.

A Bug's Life DVD Rating: 4

A Bug's Life DVD
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