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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers :: Wii Game Review

Reviewed by on May 26, 2009
Rating: 4 Star Rating

You can Turbo Duel your friends in real life with cards, but you will never be able to ride and race against them unless you are playing Wheelie Breakers!

Fans of the newest Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon series will be excited to know that they can finally Turbo Duel the way it was meant to be done: with racing motorcycles. Use your specialize Duel Monsters card deck to help you win tense and challenging races against all your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh characters.

Cool Tricks

As you race around the track in your Duel Runner, you will pick up cards into your hand. There are spell cards, trap cards, and monster cards. You can summon a monster to run with you on the race track, and manually use your monsters attack, along with careful aiming, to deal damage to your opponent's monster or lifepoints. You can even do cool tricks like spin around in your Duel Runner and drive backwards while you shoot fireballs at your opponent.

The yugioh game comes with a story mode where you start as an unknown racer who makes his way into the big leagues. By racing against various opponents, you will unlock new yugioh cards to buy at the shop and new Duel Runners that you can use in the Grand Prix mode. There is also a match up mode for you to race against your friends. There is no online option, but you can connect with the DS version of Yu-Gi-Oh to get more cards.

Deal Breakers

Wheelie Breakers has a lot of controls to learn. Not only do you have controls for racing, but you need to know the controls for card dueling while racing! The story mode does not have a tutorial, which can make your first few races confusing and difficult.

As well, the Duel Runner is a bit hard to control, as there is no drifting. The spin/attack move, while cool, can sometimes screw up and have you going the wrong way on the race track. Finally, the game only features one voice actor, the MC, who gets annoying pretty fast.

Luckily, the game does include many control options, so you can play with the nunchuk or classic controller. As well, the game is good for people unfamiliar with Duel Monsters, since they can quickly learn what each Yu-gi-oh card does.

Championship Material?

Although, the game is a bit plain, the idea of dueling while racing is very cool and the gameplay and controls are solid enough to make it fun. Fans of the TV show can finally make their fantasies come true and do Turbo Dueling for real.


Price: $39.99

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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