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The Bachelorette 5 :: Episode 4

Jun 14, 2009

This week Jillian takes the 13 remaining guys to her hometown of Vancouver, Canada. But even her home turf advantage can’t prepare her for the heartbreaking truth about one guy’s secret.

Cute, Cuddly Kypton

For this week’s one-on-one date, Jillian took Kypton on a hometown adventure. They kayaked to the Granville Island Public Market, where the two of them shopped for groceries. After feeding the pigeons, they went back to Jillian’s apartment and spent a romantic evening cooking, dining and sharing their deepest emotions. Jillian was bubbling with affection for Kypton and couldn’t wait to give him the rose.

The Curling Competition

Jillian took 10 of the guys to a local curling rink. Split into two teams of five, the guys competed to spend the evening with Jillian. The blue team put up a good fight, but in the end Jesse scored one for the red team, winning the game for him, David, Robby, Jake and Juan. Jillian and the red team enjoyed their evening on a private boat.

Evening on the Boat

Jake was certain that Jillian was looking for an all-round nice guy. But when Jillian called him “too perfect,” he felt confused and disheartened. The boat got rocky when David become a little too comfortable in their conversation, cursing and making pigheaded comments about her butt. When he went in for the kiss, Jillian shot him down. Way to go, Jillian! In the end, it was Jesse who walked away with the date rose after baring his heart.

The Dreaded Two-on-One Date

Two guys. One rose. One stays. One goes. Jillian took Mike and Mark on a scenic helicopter ride up to “the top of the world”—Grouse Mountain. Mark felt a little intimidated as Mike dominated the conversation at dinner, baring his emotions and promising to give Jillian the perfect life. But as the say the saying goes, nice guys finish last. And Mike’s overly available demeanour got him sent to the curb.

Tension Rises

Rumors fly at the cocktail party about a few guys who are there for all the wrong reasons. Tanner reveals the heartbreaking truth that one guy has a girlfriend at home, but refuses to name names. Angry and upset, Jillian confronts the guys. The room buzzes with silent tension, but no one speaks up. Finally Jillian sends David and Juan home.

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