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The Bachelorette 5 :: Episode 6 Recap

Jun 23, 2009

This week, Jillian Harris takes the 8 remaining guys on a private train ride across British Columbia and Alberta. But before they arrive in Banff, one bachelor is released into the wild.

Bye-Bye Robby

Jillian has her first one-on-one date with Robby, enjoying a private dinner in the caboose of the Rocky Mountaineer. But as they talk about the future, Jillian realizes that Robby, who’s 4 years younger than her, isn’t ready to settle down. Instead of giving him the rose, she sends him packing.

The Great Confession

In Banff, Jillian takes 6 of the 7 guys out on a group date, leaving Reid alone on the train to prepare for his upcoming one-on-one date. She and the guys go snowshoeing, play hide-and-go-seek in the snow, and then warm up at a relaxing dinner. While Jillian spends some alone time with each of the guys, Wes confesses his hidden motives to the other guys. He came on the Bachelorette to gain publicity for his band, not to get the girl.

Fondue and Phobias

On the final one-on-one date, Jillian and Reid hit the slopes. But it turns out that snowboarding isn’t one of Reid’s talents. Later, when Jillian takes Reid to a fondue dinner, he reveals his neurotic side. He’s disgusted by the raw meat concept of fondue, and can’t stand the thought of unwashed vegetables. Although he and Jillian don’t see eye-to-eye, she gives him the date rose. After all, opposites attract.

The Rose Ceremony

Before the rose ceremony, Jillian questions Michael about whether he’s ready to start a family. But even though he’s only 25, he says he wants to be a young dad. Ultimately, Jillian makes the toughest decision yet. She sends home foot-fetish Tanner and Mr. Perfect Jake. Tune in next week as Jillian travels to the hometowns of the 5 remaining guys.

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