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Pac-Man World 2 :: PS2 Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Pacman World for Playstation 2 is back! Check out the game review for classic Pac Man on the PS2 and be on the lookout out for our cheats page too!

P-P-P-Pac-Man! Ok, he's a yellow ball and he can't stop smiling, so what? Pac-Man's still cooler than cool and ready to kick evil's butt into next Tuesday.

In Pac-Man World 2, for the Playstation 2, the evil ghosts Pac-Man is always scrappin' with have nabbed the golden fruit and unleashed the biggest, baddest ghost of all - Spooky. It's up to Pac-Man to save the day, return the fruit, and put Spooky back where he belongs - under a tree.

The plot for Pac-Man World 2 is something that crawled out of the 80s and wouldn't die - which is okay, cuz the game is really fun. The graphics are smooth, bright and have the Pac-Man style down to a T. Each level has a new gimmick that'll keep you glued to your screen. The tunes are like something from an ancient arcade - they're perfect for Pacman World 2.

Best of all is that Pac-Man can really bust a move! He's loaded with jumps, dashes, spins, vehicles and cool moves that you'll be able to pull without tying your fingers in knots. He can even bounce on his butt like a big yellow basketball - try it!

Pac-Man World 2

Are The Controls Hard To Learn?

They're totally easy.

How Hard Is It?

Medium difficulty.

Age Rating:

Thumbs Up:

  • The Pac is back!
  • The butt bounce - everybody needs to try it.
  • New stuff in every level.

  • Thumbs Down:

  • The camera needs to have its butt bounced off a cliff.

  • Rating:


    Playstation 2

    1I want to play it.

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    Nickname: eandary1
    Age: 12
    Rating: 3

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