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Rapacia: The Second Circle Of Heck Book Review

Feb 23, 2015

Title: Rapacia: The Second Circle Of Heck
Author: Dale E. Basye
Series: Heck
Genres: Horror, ghost stories, humor
Age range: 9-12

Welcome to Rapacia, where the greedy kids go.

Rapacia: The Second Circle Of Heck By Dale E. Basye is the sequel to the first book in the Heck series – Heck: Where The Bad Kids Go. It continues the story of the two main characters, Milton and Marlo.

The Story

When Milton escapes from Heck in a balloon made of old clothes, Marlo is the only Fauster child left to take the blame. Bea “Elsa” Bubb, the Principal of Darkness, sends Marlo to Rapacia, the circle where greedy kids are tortured by glimpses of a just-out-of-reach, glittering shopper’s paradise called Mallvana. Marlo soon falls under the influence of Rapacia’s assistant principal, a metal rabbit known as the Grabbit that seems to have plans of its own.

Meanwhile, back on the Surface, Milton has his own problems. He’s got to get in touch with Marlo and help her find a way out of Heck. But it’s hard to concentrate when his body and soul don’t seem to hold together the way they used to. Will Milton ever reach Marlo? And if he does, will they both end up as pawns in the Grabbit’s mysterious game?

The Author

Dale E. Basye is a writer and creative director for several kids’ sites. He lives with his wife and son in Portland, Oregon. Visit him online at www.wherethebadkidsgo.com.

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