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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra :: Cheats and Tips

Aug 22, 2009

Yo Joe! If you loved the G.I. Joe movie, then you will no doubt be playing the game based off of the movie, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, especially since the game is available on every major system out there. Cobra is tough, a worthy opponent of the Joes. Here are some tips that should help you in your battle against them.

Costume Codes

You can unlock the classic Duke and classic Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara outfits from the original 1980s G.I. Joe cartoon series. To do so, simply enter the following codes on the main [KWLINK 5916]menu screen. You should hear someone say "Yo Joe!" if done correctly.

Note that these classic costumes are a special unlock. Instead of choosing Duke or Scarlett and then changing their costumes, you must go to the end of the list of characters and choose these classic outfits as a separate character.

Classic Duke: Left, Up, Minus button, Up, Right, Plus button
Classic Scarlett: Right, Up, Down, Down, Plus button

Xbox 360
Classic Duke: Left, Up, X, Up, Right Y
Classic Scarlett: Right, Up, Down, Down, Y

Playstation 3
Classic Duke: Left, Up, Square button, Up, Right, Triangle button Classic Scarlett: Right, Up, Down, Down, Triangle button

Playstation Portable (PSP)
Classic Duke: Left, Up, Square button, Up, Right, Triangle button Classic Scarlett: Right, Up, Down, Down, Triangle button

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

If you think that the Cobra characters are a lot cooler than the G.I. Joes, then you are in for a treat! After you beat the game, special Cobra missions will open up after you beat the game and, if you complete these missions, you will gain access to Destro, Baroness, and Firefly.

If you want the ninja Storm Shadow, you will need to find and defeat him on the Arctic stage, Desert stage, and Jungle stage in order to be able to get him. All the Cobra characters will cost you 15 points to purchase, so if you are looking to unlock them, be sure to save up points!

You can earn more points by playing the game in Advanced or even Hardcore mode. You can choose to use the Cobra characters to fight along side the Joes or just use them all with no Joes. Watching the conversations between the Cobra characters and the Joes is quite funny and entertaining.

Choosing Your Main Joe and Partner

The character that you choose for the missions and the secondary character that you pick for the computer to play with along side you will make a big difference in whether you complete a mission easily or at all.

There are many Joes and even the Cobra characters to consider and most of these characters will need to be purchased with points and then leveled up. Do not waste your time trying to get everyone and level them up evenly, that will make the later levels super hard. Instead, follow this guide to know who you should spend your time and effort on.

There are three classes of characters: Commandos, Combat Soldiers and Heavy Weapons. The best Commandos are Scarlett, Baroness, and Agent Helix. Scarlett and Baroness especially have great super powers that are useful no matter what the situation. Since using the Commando class usually requires some skill, this is the best class for the main player to use.

Avoid using the Combat Soldiers entirely. Not that the class itself is bad, mind you, but all the characters in the class have one terrible weakness or another, which is really too bad. The best Combat Soldier is probably Duke, since he does not really have a weakness, but also does not have any real specialty either. Beach Head and Shipwreck both have slow weapons and Firefly has a weakness to air combat.

Heavy Weapons characters deal out lots of damage and there is really no bad way to play them. The secondary character should almost always be a Heavy Weapons guy. Heavy Duty is the best character to use right at the start of the game, but Backblast, Gung-Ho, and Destro have good secondary weapons and super powers and are also great to use.

For the DS version of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, which is different than the other games, Heavy Duty is probably the best character to use, but Duke is also good. Scarlett is useful only on some levels as her crossbow is very accurate but weak. Ripcord has a really good secondary weapon, but a bad super power. Both Scarlett and Ripcord will require a lot of leveling before they will be good to use.

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