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Interview - Nickelodeon Host, Jessica Holmes

Dec 27, 2006

Jessica Holmes gets paid to throw pie in people's faces, meet celebrities and gets her summers off. If you want a job like that, she's got some advice for you. Check out our interview with Nickelodeon's Slimetime host, Jessica Renee Holmes.

As a kid what was your dream job?

As a really little kid I wanted to be a dentist but when I got a little older, like high school age, then I wanted to go into TV. My original dream was to be someone like Katie Couric (an anchor for The Today Show.) I wanted to go into news but then that changed too.

Is your job at Nickelodeon your dream job now?

For this point in my life, yes, it is. Because it was my first opportunity I didn't expect to be where I am - it just fell in my lap and that was the most exciting thing for me. I was just an intern here and I wanted to be on TV but I didn't know how to go about it. It's hard when you first start out because you don't know how to do it, or how to get to where you wanna go. In the future I would love to work on a show like Regis and Kelly, The View or The Today Show.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the people I work with. I couldn't work with a nicer group of people. We really have fun because we start thinking like a kid and acting like a kid. And when you're 25 years old, that's pretty cool. I get to act like a kid and get paid to do it.

What do you like least about your job?

There are no down sides to it really. Our schedules run on a school schedule so we get the summers off. We all sort of dread the summer time because we don't have a job.

What are you doing this summer?

I don't have any plans. I would like to take a couple of weeks and travel.

If you could go anywhere in the world, with unlimited time and money, where would it be?

I'm gonna say that I would really want to go to Hawaii. I haven't been a lot of places. I'd go anywhere tropical and warm. I'd also like to go to Paris and shop.

Tell us about your average workday.

I get in around 2 PM. I get my hair and my make-up done. And then the show starts at 4 PM. My co-hosts and I just sort of sit around and talk and laugh before the show. We don't look at the script too much because it's kind of off-the-cuff. No memorizing or anything like that. The show's done at 6 PM, then we sign autographs and then we go home. It's a pretty easy day.

Who do you want on your show that hasn't been there already?

I would love to meet Stevie Wonder. I'd only do that for my benefit. I don't think the kids would care to see Stevie Wonder on the show but he's one person I would love to meet. Robin Williams actually came to the set this week cause his kids wanted to meet us. That was really cool.

Do you ever get nervous before the show?

No. Not anymore. I did in the beginning, but not now. Probably for the first week, I was petrified but it just sort of wears off. And you forget that you're live and infront of lots of people.

What would you say to kids that want to get into showbiz and do what you're doing?

My advice is to do everything. Sing, dance, act. You get that fear out of you at a young age, so then there's no fear. Because when you go to auditions they make you do goofy things, and dance around and act silly.

What do you do in your free time?

I work out. I don't like to go to the gym but I go anyway. I hate working out. I like to play tennis. I love to shop. Every girl loves to do that. Well, maybe not every girl.

What kind of person do you need to be to do your job?

I think it's very important as a host to be yourself. I'm playing Jessica. I'm not playing a part or anything. That's the best part of the job too, cause I can just be me.

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