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Survivor 4 Marquesas - Episode 7

Dec 27, 2006

Two tribes merge into one back-stabbing, double-crossing brood. It's not the warm fuzzy it used to be as Kathy scores Immunity and the Godfather finally gets knocked off. Here's the way the merge episode on Survivor 4, Marquesas played out...

Soliantu: Rob, Robert, Zoe, John, Neleh, Paschal, Kathy, Vecepia, Tammy, Sean

The Merge:

The tribes receive a mysterious request. They have to pick one member to follow a map to an unknown destination but no reason is given as to why they have to do this. Kathy, as usual, jumps at the chance to take charge and is Maraamu's representative. (After the crappy job she did in the maze challenge last week, I wouldn't let her lead me out of a paper bag.) No one at Rotu jumps at this oportunity 'til Rob finally steps up and goes.

Turns out it's a banquet where Kathy and Rob feast on pizza and 30 beers, and pick a name for the new, about-to-be merged tribe. While they are chowing down and getting tanked, Rob starts telling Kathy about Rotu's plan to boot her after the merge. Kathy is choked cuz she thought that she had really bonded with her old tribe members like Zoe and John. Rob pushes Kathy into forming an alliance with him. Rob decides that Kathy could be his new "Sarah" - in other words, someone who will do anything he tells them to.


The next day, Kathy and Rob head to Maraamu where they tell Neleh and Paschal they have exactly five minutes to load everything from the Maraamu Survivor camp onto a raft. Everyone's going to Rotu's camp. Paschal moves quicker than he ever has before and even manages to snag a shirtful of coconuts. At Rotu, everyone greets the new members with open arms, but you have to wonder if that's how they really feel. The new flag is bright red and the new name, Soliantu, means "Sacred Allegiance to the Sun."

Immunity Challenge:

This one is a new take on an old Survivor favorite - the stand until you drop challenge. A tribe member, now playing for personal immunity, not group immunity, wins if they stand the longest. What makes this cooler than other previous Survivor standing challenges is that the platforms are floating in the ocean.

Some peeps don't stand a chance (literally.) Neleh is the first to go and Paschal follows shortly after. In the end it's between Kathy and John. John loses his concentration and touches the platform with his hand - it's an automatic out. Kathy wins the Immunity she feels she desperately needs.

Rob, the Boston Godfather, loses his cool and starts freakin' on everybody around the camp. He accuses Zoe of wanting to vote Kathy out (in front of Kathy,) he gets into a screaming match with John and he bugs Robert about his alliance choices. After all the tantrums, it's no wonder Rob is booted at Tribal Council. Rob is the last peep to leave the island - the others (if booted) will all be coming back for "jury duty" in future episodes.

Tribal Council Twist

Survivor Marquesas has added a new twist to the personal immunity challenges that hasn't been done in previous Survivors - you're allowed to give your immunity away. The winner of the Immunity Challenge is allowed to give their winning necklace to another member of the tribe if they feel confident they won't get booted and that someone they care about will. Hmm... that could make for interesting situations in the next couple of episodes. I can just see John latched on to Sean or Zoe's ankle begging for their Immunity.

High Points:

  • Vecepia mumbling "too much drama" as Rob and John cat-fight. You said it girlfriend!
  • Maraamu finding a human skull by their camp. It's a pretty cool piece of Marquesas history - even if there was an undeniable ick-factor.

    Low Points:

  • Rob double-crossing so many people so many times. I'm surprised he didn't end up looking like a pretzel.

    Survivor Saying of the Week:

    "I love all you people and I hope nobody comes away with hurt feelings or bad feelings. We were just playing a game. And afterwards, I hope we can all be friends." - Rob Mariano's final words. Talk about wishful thinking!

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