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Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana: DVD Review

Reviewed by on Sep 09, 2009
Rating: 3 Star Rating

All aboard for a full-length adventure! Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana is a brand-new DVD starring your favorite Disney Channel shows and characters.

All aboard for a full-length adventure! Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana is a brand-new DVD starring your favorite Disney Channel shows and characters. It’s out in stores September 22, 2009.

Crossover Trilogy

This DVD is a trilogy (that means THREE) of crossover episodes between three Disney Channel original sitcoms: Wizards Of Waverly Place, The Suite Life On Deck and Hannah Montana. Watch as Justin and join the regular cast of On Deck aboard the SS Tipton; as Cody tries to get tickets to a Hannah Montana concert in Hawaii; and as Miley Stewart, on her way to her Hawaii show on the SS Tipton loses her mom’s lucky anklet and has a streak of bad luck.

Part 1: Cast-Away (To Another Show)

Justin is excited to meet London Tipton when he wins an essay contest prize: a cruise on the SS Tipton. Theresa and Jerry say that Alex can't go because of her 14 missed assignments. Alex, (who sneaks away, but is caught) agrees to take classes on board, and Max join Justin on board, where Alex bonds with Bailey, but soon gets in hot water when she uses magic to bring Harper aboard. Meanwhile, Max and Zack compete in a series of outrageous challenges. Alex says that she is Ashley Olsen so she won't get caught skipping classes and Harper as to be Alex Russo. At the end Alex transports Harper to Rome insted of home by accident!

Part 2: Double-Crossed

Hannah Montana boards the SS Tipton on her way to a concert performance in Honolulu. Since Bailey loves Hannah Montana, Cody attempts to get tickets because he knows Hannah. However, Hannah doesn't remember Cody, so he enlists Woody to help him get tickets by doing a scavenger hunt. Alex pulls a prank on Justin, for which Mr. Moseby blames Zack. Zack then Develops a crush on Alex, while Max introduces London to a magical suitcase.[5] Cody admits to Bailey that Hannah didn't recognize him. When Cody gets hit by cake, Hannah sees him wearing the shirt she remembers Cody. Hannah thinks that he kept the shirt from That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana. Hannah gives Cody and Bailey tickets and backstage passes to her show. Bailey then exclaims that it would be the best date ever. She then kisses Cody and he reacts by running out of the room and shouting "Yes! My six-month plan worked!" Thus the relationship of Bailey and Cody begins. Also Justin, Zack and Mr. Moseby bust Alex for the prank.

Part 3: Super(stitious) Girl

While in her room, Hannah loses the anklet her mother gave her. Lola helps her to try and find it, but with no luck. Finally, a maid shows the anklet to Mr. Moseby, but London snatches it, seeing it as valuable. Hannah and Lola notice that London has it, but saying that the anklet has fake diamonds, London throws it overboard. Hannah is depressed and wonders if anything else could happen. A storm blows her wig away, her hair dye attempt went wrong (her hair turned green), a rat appeared on her head, and a mirror broke. Hannah's rehearsal went poorly, as well. Hannah tells Cody and Bailey that the concert is canceled. Miley believes the anklet is the only thing that will help her, but her father tells her that the spirit of her mother is in her heart, too. Robby gives Miley another wig and Hannah tells Cody and Bailey to come on and that they are invited to the after party. Hannah has the Hawaii concert, and all is well. Meanwhile, back in California, Jackson, Oliver and Rico open a package that belongs to Robby, and it turns out to be a bounce house, that inflates itself, getting the boys stuck to the window. Rico eventually deflates it with his fingernail.

Special Features

  • Justin’s Award-Winning Essay: Watch the essay video that got Justin and his siblings on the SS Tipton Teen Cruise!
  • It’s A Suite Life Having Fun With Hannah & The Wizards: Bloopers and backstage interviews with the stars

Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana Rating 3

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