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Fade to Blue Book Review

Reviewed by on Sep 23, 2009
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Experience the topsy-turvy world of Sophie Blue and Kenny Fade in the new science fiction novel, Fade to Blue.

Author: Sean Beaudoin

Sophie Blue

After Sophie Blue’s father left—or disappeared or turned to dust (who knows?)—her life began spinning out of control. One minute she’s in one place, the next she’s in another. An ice cream truck keeps driving past her house replaying that creepy clown music. People keep breaking into her basement. And her mother, who’s lost the will to live, doesn’t seem to care. Binary code numbers keep running through Sophie's head. She keeps seeing her brother nearly get killed. But each time she steps in the way to protect him, she dies…and then she’s someplace else. At school. At home. Not dead. Or is she?

Kenny Fade

Meanwhile, Kenny Fade is the star of the basketball team. He’s envied but adored by his teammates, and loved by every female who crosses his path, including some of his friends' moms. What is going on? Why can he get away with anything he wants?

Go To The Lab

Something keeps telling Sophie to gotothelabgotothelabgotothelab. Her father used to work for the lab before he disappeared. There’s something about the time she saw her father, exactly one year ago on her birthday. He brought her to the lab and they injected her with a substance. Ever since then her whole life has made no sense at all. Will she find her father? Will she figure out why the world is constantly changing around her?

The Bottom Line

Fade to Blue is an unusual story. It’s extremely confusing and nonsensical, but it’s well written. Something about the perplexing story will make you want to finish the novel to see if everything will come together. To save you time, the main concept is revealed, but it doesn’t explain the story’s strange, jumbled sequences.

Fade to Blue Rating: 3

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