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So You Think You Can Dance 6 Ep.3

Sep 24, 2009

Nigel Lithgow, Mary Murphy and Tyse Diorio headed to the east coast to judge the third round of auditions for So You Think You Can Dance Season 6. This was SYTYCD’s first time in Boston, and those east coasters were definitely showing what they’re made of.

Whimsical Dancer

The show began with an unusual performance from Teddy Tedholm, a “whimsical” dancer with plaid pants and an equally “whimsical” personality. His dance style was part contemporary, part humor, part chaotic. Even though he didn’t show the judges any moves that proved he was trained in dance, they seemed to like him. In fact, they put him straight through to Vegas.

Impossible Dance Moves

B-boy Jean Lloret admitted to his lack of formal training. But for a b-boy with as much strength and skill as he has, the judges were willing to look past that. He performed some amazing moves, including a spin that was unnaturally off his center of gravity, shocking the judges. His impressive spins were enough—each judge handed him a ticket to Vegas.


Many of the talented dancers this week were put through to choreography, including Channing Cooke, a tomboy contemporary dancer who scoops ice cream for a living; Ryan Casey, an 6”8 tap dancer; Russell Ferguson, a crumper who is trained in other styles; and Gene Bersten, a ballroom stud with hyperactive eyebrows.

Lanky and Awkward

During choreography, each of these dancers, among many others, performed their pants off. Unfortunately, Ryan Casey didn’t make the cut. His tall, lanky stature made him a little bit too awkward with a dance partner.

Too Tight Blue Tights

This week, Boston delivered one of the weirdest auditions ever. A 46 year old man wearing bright blue [/kwlink 714]tights[/kwlink] and a belly top showed the judges his “dancing invention.” His outfit alone, not to mention his dancing, was enough to creep the judges out.

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