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Nanovor: Online/Offline Gaming At Its Best!

Jul 10, 2018

The time has arrived! Smith & Tinker’s Nanovor – a digital monster battling game that combines the strategy of a collectible card game with stunning animations and green goo – is here! We’ve been itching to get our paws on this game ever since we heard that Nanovor bridges the gap between a classic tabletop game and digital entertainment, offering the first and best integration between online and offline play!

Read the story behind the game, meet the characters and get to know some Nanovors first, then scroll down (way down!) to find out how to start playing Nanovor!

Nanovor: The Story Behind The Game

Nanovor are tiny nanoscopic monsters that lived and battled on a still-molten Earth long before any other species could survive. As Earth cooled and the atmosphere became oxygen-rich, the silicon-based Nanovor slipped into deep hibernation for millions of years, leaving the planet to be ruled by dinosaurs and, later, humans. Finally in the 1960s, when the first silicon semiconductors were created, the Nanovor were awakened – but remained to be discovered.

Fast-forward 40 years when Lucas Nelson, a typical high-school student, accidentally discovers the Nanovor living in his computer. He enlists the help of his ex-hacker science teacher Doc Zap to create a Nanoscope, so that humans can observe and control the Nanovor.

With careful observation and the help of his teacher, Lucas discovers the Nanovor must fight to stay alive – and a brand-new (and super fun!) sport is born.

Nanovor: The Characters

Meet the main characters in the Nanovor game.

Lucas Nelson: High School Student

Nanovor: Lucas Nelson

Lucas Nelson is a freshman at Hanover High. Naturally brilliant at science he’s the unofficial IT expert at school, asked to fix any malfunctioning computer. Lucas is extremely curious, and this leads to his discovery of the Nanovor while searching for dust mites in his computer. With help from his ex-hacker science teacher Doc Zap, Lucas invents the Nanoscope, that lets humans observe and control the Nanovor. And, after discovering the Nanovor’s combative nature, Lucas founds The Lab Rats, a secret club where kids can battle their most outrageous and capable Nanovor.

See how Lucas did on one of Doc Zap’s science-class quizzes (PSST: it’ll help you brush up on your own Nanovor knowledge:
Nanovor: Lucas’ Quiz Page 1

Nanovor: Doc Zap

Doc Zap: Science Teacher

Nanovor: Doc Zap

Doc Zap is a science teacher at Hanover High. Earlier in life he was a famous phone hacker – until one of his biggest heists went horribly wrong. When Lucas brings his discovery of the Nanovor to his teacher’s attention, the former phone hacker helps his student invent the Nanoscope but urges Lucas to keep his discovery a secret.

Nathan Bopar: Lucas’ BFF

Nanovor: Nathan Bopar

Nathan is a junior at Hanover High. He’s a star actor in the drama club who can talk his way out of any trouble. He often sticks up for his BFF Lucas when other kids pick on him. Nathan uses his charm to rescue Lucas from a potentially dangerous (to Nanovor's secrecy) encounter with the principal.

Drew Ettleson: Lucas’ BFF

Nanovor: Drew Ettleson

Who says you can’t have two best friends? Drew is a freshman at Hanover High School, a track star and Lucas' BFF – a true-blue friend. They've been friends since they were little and have the sort of strong, unquestioned friendship that really works. But when Lucas introduces Drew to his new discovery, she becomes the only one who can defeat Lucas and his Nanovor in battle.

Ben Arneson: Lucas’ Nemesis

Nanovor: Ben Arneson

Ben is a senior at Hanover High School, the leader of the popular clique. He's a wide receiver on the football team and dates Dana, the head cheerleader. When he finds out about Lucas’ Nanovor, he decides he wants in on the game. In an effort to destroy the Lab Rats Ben forms The Snake Pit, a rival club determined to steal Lucas’ Nanoscope and leak the secret of the Nanovor.

Dana Diamondback: Head Cheerleader

Nanovor: Dana Diamondback

Dana is a junior at Hanover High. She's pretty, popular and the head of the cheerleading squad. Her dad is the former head of a nanotech firm, so she’s no dummy – and, she wants information about Nanovor. So she strikes up a friendship and flirts with Lucas, offering him a chance to leave Doc Zap and the Lab Rats to join her and her father.

Nanovor: Bios

Meet some of the Nanovors and read their specs – these are the details that help determine whether or not they will win in battle against other Nanovors.

Nanovor: Tank Walker

Nanovor: Battle Kraken

Nanovor: Plasma Lash

Nanovor: Gamma Fury

Nanovor: Gigga Striker

Nanovor: Circuit Flyer

Nanovor: How To Play

Here’s where you (and other kids like you) come in. Not only does Nanovor let you play an awesome new game, it also lets you connect socially with other players in the game’s cool universe. You can connect with friends online and connect up to four Nanoscopes for head-to-head play; collect over 100 Nanovor; buy digital Booster Packs and trade with friends online; battle your monsters against two to four friends; or train your Nanovor with Solo Battle adventures!

What we love about this game is that it goes far beyond a typical handheld game experience and gives you a seamless connection between online and offline play, so your accomplishments offline help you with your online play, and your online activities enhance your offline gaming experience.

You can play Nanovor anywhere and at any time, on either a portable handheld gaming device or online. Between online Nanovor content that’s regularly updated and your ability to make never-before-created Nanovor, the game offers fresh content that’ll keep you coming back for more. Plus, Nanovor’s cool, fictional universe involves animated episodes, secret websites, storyline updates, comic books and more.

Nanovor: The Website

Visit to find lots more info, including details about the game, weekly animated Nanovor episodes and a FREE Nanovor game download (you don’t need to ask your mom for her credit card in order to play!). Once you’re on the site, you can connect, collect and battle with your Nanovor friends (and make new ones, too!), evolve Nanovor into totally new monsters, trade Nanovor with other players and use Nanocash to buy digital booster packs for more monsters.

You can buy Nanocash online or grab some pre-paid Nanocash Cards ($10, $15 or $25) at stores across the country, like Target, Toys ‘R Us and Best Buy.

Nanovor Nanoscope

The Nanoscope’s a handheld device that totally connects your online and offline Nanovor gaming experience, plus a cool new way for you and your friends to collect and battle monsters. You can connect your handsets to battle each other or connect your Nanoscope to the Internet to strengthen and evolve your Nanovor monsters.

You can buy your own Nanoscope at stores across the country, like Target, Toys ‘R Us and Best Buy.

Nanovor: The Total Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of Nanovor in the following ways:

  • Download Nanovor online at;
  • Online Battle Game containing limited-edition collectable Nanovor figurines, game CD and $10 Nanocash Coupon Card;
  • Regularly updated online content including weekly mini-movie episodes, new fiction, new monsters and more … ;
  • Nanoscope handheld Digital Collectible Game; and
  • Nanovor Comics, graphic novels and Field Guide.

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