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Juicy Jack O’Lanterns: The Best Pumpkin-Carving Designs For 2009

July 10, 2018


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    Pumpkin carving is a ritual for any Halloween lover. But if you’re thinking of going with the basic triangle eyes and square snagged teeth – better read this story. Challenge yourself with some of these pumpkin-carving ideas – scenes and faces that are everything from silly to spooky. Here are some of the best Halloween pumpkin designs we could find!

    Tombstone RIP

    This one’s not too hard, but if you get it just right it looks amazing when lit with a candle from the inside.

    Pumpkin Faces

    This design takes the complicated factor up a couple of notches.

    Grinning Gourd

    This design will make you laugh out loud – and be in awe at the same time.

    Barack O’Lantern

    We didn’t say they’d ALL be scary! Yes You Can!

    King Of Pumpkin

    Make your pumpkin POP with a pattern depicting Michael Jackson.

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