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A Boy And His Blob For Wii Game Review

Reviewed by on Oct 27, 2009
Rating: 5 Star Rating

A Boy And His Blob is a remake of an old Nintendo game made about 20 years ago – so your parents may remember playing it when they were little!

Release Date: October 13, 2009
Publisher: Majesco
Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Rating: E

A Boy And His Blob for Wii - release date October 13, 2009 - is actually a remake of an old Nintendo Entertainment System adventure game made about 20 years ago – so your parents may remember playing it way back when they were little gamers!

Big Blob

Like the original version of A Boy And His Blob, the story starts when blob crash-lands on Earth and meets a human boy. The two hit it off right away and become BFFs – together they set out to stop the inky monsters from that have invaded the planet and save the blob’s home world of Blobolonia.

A Boy And His Blob is a game that’s mostly focused on creative problem-solving. You’ll travel through four unique worlds, where you must collect treasure chests and solve environmental puzzles in 40 platforming levels that try to trick and trap you in every way imaginable (so you’ll really have to use your brain and stay on your toes!). You play or control the little human boy, who really counts on his blobby friend to help him solve all the puzzles.

Jellybean Dream

In order to safely and successfully move through each level of the game, you’ll have to feed different kinds of jellybeans to your blob – they’re his fuel, which allows him to transform into special tools and items that will ultimately help you in accomplishing your goals. For example, one flavor of jellybean turns the blob into a trampoline you can bounce on to reach high ledges. Another turns him into a parachute you can use to glide short distances through the air. And another turns him into a heavy anvil you can drop on monsters. Cool!

Video: Game Trailer


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