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Pokemon Rumble :: Tips and Cheats

Nov 23, 2009

In the WiiWare game, Pokemon Rumble, you must battle your way through stages before taking the fight to the arena in a battle royale. Making your way through these rumbles starts off easy but gets hard fast. Here are some quick tips to help you along the way, as well as some secret passwords and unlocks to get you some powerful pokemon that will be a great addition to your team!

Fight and Flight

While navigating the normal stages, be aware of your health. You are only allowed to have three pokemon faint. However, you can always change your active pokemon to any that is on your team. This is great because you avoid fainting by changing the active pokemon as soon as it gets weak. However, be careful when selecting a new pokemon because the game does not pause! Your weakened active pokemon can still get hit and will faint if you try to do this in the middle of a rumble. Also, if your active pokemon gets hit while your next one is not fully winded up yet, the exchange will be cancelled and you will have to start all over again. Be sure to run to a safe spot before selecting and changing to a new pokemon. Better yet, defeat all the pokemon on the stage and change at the end or the start of an area.

Whether you are in a normal stage or a battle royale fight, stay near the sides. This way, you only have to worry about the enemies in front of you and can't get hit from behind. Collect coins and clocks whenever you can, but do not rush recklessly into the middle of a group of enemies. Don't worry about pokemons that you have knocked over, they won't disappear.

The Right Moves

The most important thing for your pokemon to have is a good moveset. You only get two moves to keep and use, so look for the pokemon with good ones. It is not recommended to use the move lotto machine in the lobby area as it tends to give bad moves and is a waste of money. However, sometimes you won't be able to help it, especially if you keep losing in an area.

Moves that are fast and have a good area of effect, like Iron Tail and Aqua Tail are great. Moves that push enemies back and are easy to aim, like Tri-Attack and Surf, are also good. Avoid moves that take too long to charge and either has a short range or awkward long range that makes it difficult to aim. Moves that drain health, like Leech Seed and Toxic are pretty good, but only when combined with another good move. Only a few status moves are good, like Protect, which can help you use the powerful Earthquake and Discharge.

Look at the stars under each move. This represents the raw power of the move, but does not tell you how useful it actually is. You will need to test them out and decide for yourself.

Is He Your Type?

Since it is pokemon, you know that certain types are super effective against other types. However, it is not the pokemon's type that counts in your attacks, but the move's type. A Psychic attack from a ghost pokemon will still be effective against a fighting pokemon, but a psychic pokemon doing the same attack will do more damage because of type bonus.

Unlike regular pokemon games, the type advantages in Pokemon Rumble works differently. No one is immune to any moves, so go ahead and Low Kick that Haunter or use Confusion on that Umbreon. Type advantage does not make that much of a difference in Pokemon Rumble since it will still take a maximum of 5 hits to knock out any other pokemon. Just be aware of your own disadvantages and avoid bad match-ups for as long as you can.

Catch and Release

If you knock over a pokemon and can pick it up, do so! You can hold over 1000 pokemon in the game, so don't worry about running out of space. Hold onto your pokemon until you have five of the same one. If you release them all at the same time, then you will get a ticket that you can use at the Recruiting machine to get the next pokemon in the same family! For example, release five Squirtles to get a ticket for a Wortortle. Note that this won't work with Eevees.

You can also get tickets for legendary and rare pokemon by releasing a special combination of pokemon! Here are some of the combos:

  • Articuno: Pidgeot + Fearow + Jynx + Lapras
  • Burmy Sand/Trash Cloak: 5x Mothim
  • Cut Rotom: Rotom + Leafeon
  • Darkrai: Wash Rotom + Heat Rotom + Spin Rotom + Cut Rotom + Frost Rotom
  • Dialga: Dragonite + Bastiodon + Lucario + Garchomp + Magnezone
  • Frost Rotom: Rotom + Glaceon
  • Giratina : Gengar + Dragonite + Garchomp + Spiritomb + Dusknoir
  • Heat Rotom: Rotom + Flareon
  • Manaphy: 3x Phione
  • Mewtwo: Dialga + Palkia + Giratina
  • Moltres: Charizard + Pidgeot + Fearow + Magmar
  • Palkia: Blastoise + Gyarados + Dragonite + Empoleon + Garchomp
  • Phione: Lapras + Vaporeon
  • Shaymin: Arcanine + Charizard + Kangaskhan + Bastiodon + Arbok
  • Spin Rotom: Rotom + Jolteon
  • Wash Rotom: Rotom + Vaporeon
  • Wormadam Sand/Trash Cloak: 5x Burmy Grass Cloak
  • Zapdos: Pidgeot + Fearow + Raichu + Electabuzz
  • Secret Password

    Use these at the Recruiting machine to get a powerful pokemon!

  • Blastoise: 9580-1423
  • Charizard: 7968-4528
  • Charmander: 7927-6161
  • Cherrim Positive Forme: 7540-5667
  • Eevee: 0511-0403
  • Giratina (Origin Form): 8322-3706
  • Mew: 9561-8808
  • Shaymin (Sky Form): 5468-6284
  • Shiny Bidoof: 5575-2435
  • Shiny Rattata: 9849-3731
  • Squirtle: 6824-2045
  • Turtwig: 8672-1076
  • Venusaur: 1589-3955
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