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Separated at Birth - Jo O'Meara & Patricia Arquette

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Separated at Birth - Jo O'Meara & Patricia Arquette - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Think your fave celeb looks like another? See which celebs we think were Separated at Birth! Singer, Jo OMeara from S Club 7 and actress Patricia Arquette could be related!

They say that everyone out there has a twin. Do ya ever see a celebrity and think you know who it is, then you realize it's a totally different celeb who looks the same? Check out these celebs who look like they could have the same mom then who you think looks like they've been Separated at Birth.

Singer and actress, Jo O'Meara from the British pop group S Club 7 looks like she could be the daughter of actress Patricia Arquette. The family resemblance lies mostly in their eyes and smile. They both have smokey grey/blue eyes and similar lips. It helps that they've both sported blonde bobbed hair-dos too! Do we have a match or should we start from scratch?

What do you think of this match with Jo O'Meara (S Club 7) & actress Patricia Arquette? Were they separated at birth?
Left: Jo (S Club 7) Right: Patricia

1I think Jo and Patricia do look alot alike. You've got a real match!!!

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Nickname: *~Britney~*!
Age: 16

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