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Kidzworld’s Top Toys For Kids 2009

Aug 06, 2020

We’ve made our lists and checked them twice! Here are our Top Toys For Kids 2009, based on our reviews for the 2009 Top Toy Contest!

No. 9: Jenga Max


Jenga Max

Hasbro has a new game out just in time for the holiday season: Jenga Max. Most of us remember playing the original version of Jenga, where the object is to take turns stacking wooden blocks in the shape of a tall tower until someone makes a wrong move and they all come tumbling down. Jenga Max takes the same concept further, requiring every player to hook or hang game pieces on each other, all the while trying not to make the whole contraption fall apart. Game pieces can be hung straight up, straight out or over the top. Be the last player to successfully hang a block and you win the game!

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No. 8: Clue Secrets & Spies


Clue Secrets & Spies

Hasbro’s just come out with a brand-new version of its popular board game CLUE. The CLUE: Secrets & Spies Edition is actually nothing like the original board game at all. In it, you take on the role of a top international spy (Agent Mustard, Agent Green, Agent Scarlet, etc.); your job is to find the notorious Agent Black, who starts at the top of the scoring chart while you and your fellow players start at the very bottom (you have to start scoring points to work your way up to win the game).

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No. 7: Animal Vs. Animal


Animal Vs. Animal

Animal Upon Animal: The Duel is a game for two players, but it also comes with a variation that lets you play with three friends or more. You can be five or 99 to play and enjoy this stacking game.

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No. 6: Karawane

For over 1,000 years traders traversed the mountains, deserts and seas between the great civilization centers of Rome, China and India. Roman gold coins have been found in India and China and Chinese silk in the pyramids of Egypt. In the 19th century, historian Ferdinand von Richthofen made up the term Silk Road to describe the long, narrow land route between East and West, but there were also the Spice Route, the Incense Route and many others. On these routes grew not only trade, but the passing of technology, art and culture between different peoples – the Silk Road has been called the Internet of its day. Here is one game - Karawane/The Caravan by Haba that will give you a glimpse into history and a chance to relive some of the sense of wonder and adventure found along the Silk Road.

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No. 5: Jacquard Tie-Dying Kits

Jacquard has created a bunch of cool ways to do tie-dye and fabric art, including some really juicy fabric markers and dye kits every color of the rainbow!

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No. 4: Magic School Bus Kits


Magic School Bus Kits

Pick up these sweet science kits if you’re into learning about POLYMERS (aka slime, gel and goop) and going green!

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No. 3: Citiblocs



CitiBlocs are a unique wooden building toy made of pine from renewable forests. These small rectangular blocks come in seven different colors.

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No. 2: Science On A Garden Adventure


Science On A Garden Adventure

Too cold to grow outside? Grow an indoor garden – and learn about science – with the Science On A Garden Adventure kit.

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No. 1: Marshmallow Shooter


 Marshmallow Shooter

The Marshmallow Shooter launches yummy marshmallows over 30 feet. It is easy to fire and reload, making it perfect for quick attacks (or rapid defense). The Shooter holds up to 20 marshmallows for extended campaigns, and is capable of rapid fire. Truly Ammo-licious!

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