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The Little 500

Jul 10, 2018

They call it the Little 5 (the Little 500) on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and it’s becoming one of the biggest collegiate events across the USA. College students are now flocking to this bicycle race like it’s Spring Break in Florida, and on April 23rd and 24th, bikers will race amongst a crowded track to try and win thousands of dollars in scholarships.

The Speed State

1st Little 5001st Little 500

The state of Indiana is well known for races. It’s home of the Indianapolis 500, the most famous American car race, so it’s quite fitting that the college students brought the spirit of this race to their University. In 1951, the race was made-up with the intention to copy the Indy 500, but with bicycles instead of Indy cars.

Crowds of Crashes

Crazy CrashesCrazy Crashes

The race is run on a track & field style track and the cyclists race 200 times around the track in teams of 4 with 33 teams qualifying for the final race. The track is heavily crowded and one of the main features of the race in the huge accidents.

A lot of Attraction

O'Bama ManiaO'Bama Mania

Students call the Little 5 “the world’s greatest college weekend”. There was a movie made about the Little 500 in 1979 called “Breaking Away” that told the story of the race’s intensity. 7-time Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong said, “it’s the coolest event he’s ever attended. More recently, the famous rapper Ludacris showed up at the Little 5 and performed at a fraternity party.

Sizzling Scholarships

Winning SpiritWinning Spirit

Over the years the Little 500 has been known to raise over 1 million dollars in scholarships for the students in Indiana University. Now, more than 25,000 people attend the final weekend of races and in 2008 over $35,000 was awarded to the athletes.

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