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Scholastic iPhone Apps

Apr 23, 2010

Last fall, Scholastic released a ton of apps for the iPhone and iTouch featuring some of the most popular kids’ stuff out there! Whether they’re puzzle or game related or let you do some photo editing on your own, these apps are a whole lotta fun – and we think you’ll love them, too!

The 39 Clues Madrigal Maze

Unravel the mystery and adventure of The 39 Clues! Do you have what it takes to achieve ultimate power and world domination? To prove your worthiness, successfully navigate a series of 39 mazes concealed in an Aztec pyramid. If you succeed, you become a member of the most secretive and powerful group on the hunt for The 39 Clues - the Madrigals - and unlock a secret Madrigal Encryption Key!

Scholastic iPhone AppsThe 39 Clues Madrigal Maze

Goosebumps PhotoShock

A picture is worth a thousand screams! Turn your photographs into fright-ographs and give your friends a real scare! Customize photos of you into ever so ghastly Goosebump frights! Or, PhotoShock pictures of friends with over 100 horrifyingly gruesome and creepy icons, objects and frames. Add googly eyes, spiders or slime to photos – even add messages and e-mail your photos.

Scholastic iPhone AppsGoosebumps PhotoShock

I SPY Riddle Race

I SPY Riddle Race combines the signature hidden object play of I SPY with the fun appeal of board games and fast-paced challenges. Based on the best-selling books, I SPY Riddle Race boasts 60 I SPY puzzles, two play modes and numerous bonus challenges! Race against the clock while solving riddles to earn as many points as you can!

Scholastic iPhone AppsI SPY Riddle Race

Clifford's BE BIG with Words

Help Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone give Jetta ideas of things to paint by spelling words. As you play, you will experiment with letters and letter sounds as you learn to spell three-letter words. You'll be guided toward spelling the words by choosing from a selection of letters from Jetta's painters palette. Once a word is spelled, watch as a picture is painted of the word to show its meaning!

Scholastic iPhone AppsClifford’s BE BIG with Words

WordGirl Word Hunt

Behind Every Good Hero is a Good Word. Villains have taken over the city and only WordGirl's vocabulary and superhero strength can save the day from certain doom! WordGirl knows that crime doesn't pay, but knowing the right word for the right moment is priceless. Complete each WordGirl story by choosing the right word to defeat the evil villains. Then in a high-flying action game, fly with WordGirl as she collects the word she needs to save the day!

Scholastic iPhone AppsWordGirl Word Hunt

I SPY Spooky Mansion

Through the creaking gates, you'd best beware. A spooky mansion awaits ... enter if you dare! Find yourself trapped on the grounds of a scary and mysterious mansion where your only escape is to collect 7 keys hidden throughout the estate. To reveal the keys, solve 21 I SPY riddles and puzzles by searching for hidden objects in areas of the mansion: the library, living room, laboratory, graveyard and more!

Scholastic iPhone AppsI SPY Spooky Mansion


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