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Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Chapter 1 :: DVD Review

Apr 26, 2010

The battles rage on in this latest installment of Bakugan, featuring 13 episodes from the second half of the show's first season. In this new release, Dan and Masquerade enter all-out battle, sending Drago spiraling into the Doom Dimension.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Chapter 1Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Chapter 1Courtesy of Cartoon Network

Episode # 27: Show Down

The Battle Brawlers learn through Webmaster Joe (who was on a trip with his mother) that Masquerade has defeated the World's Top Bakugan players, so they try to come up with a strategy to beat him. The strategy seems to backfire when Masquerade visits Dan's house and gets him to accept a battle. Now the evolved Drago and the evolved Hydranoid will go head-to-head. Completely taking down Drago, Masquerade commands Hydranoid to send Drago to the Doom Dimension. When Drago gets sucked in, Dan goes after him and runs toward the portal. Shun tries to stop him, but is too late.

Episode # 28: The Brawler’s Last Stand

The Brawlers mourn over the loss of Dan and Drago. Meanwhile, Shun gets a challenge from Masquerade and decides to join Dan in the Doom Dimension. When Skyress learns of this plan, she tries to gather the other Bakugan and try to save Vestroia without putting their human partners in risk. Soon, the other Brawlers catch onto his plan and decide to join him, but first Runo makes a promise to Dan's mom - he's safe and will be home soon.

Episode # 29: Nightmare in Doomsville

In the Doom Dimension, the Legendary Ancient Warriors of Vestroia prepare to test the powers of the Brawlers, seeing if they are worthy enough to save Vestroia. The Brawlers are separated and Julie is left with Gorem to face the Subterra Warrior, Clayf, and a shadow of her perfect sister, Daisy. With help from Gorem, Julie learns that she isn't her sister and she can only do the best she can do. Because of this, Gorem evolves into Subterra Hammer Gorem, and defeats Clayf.

Episode # 30: I am Marucho, Hear me Roar

Marucho must battle the Aquos Elemental Warrior, Frosch, and he is forced to send in Preyus early when he learns he is battling a shadow of himself. Preyus isn't feeling well throughout the battle, but he is able to give Marucho guidance to accepting his past. Marucho knew that he only did what his parents told him to make them happy, but he didn't like to always be so obidient. This causes Marucho to hate his old self. By accepting the past him, Marucho was able to help Preyus' digestion problem. This allows Preyus to evolve by spitting out his brothers: Aquos Angelo/Aquos Diablo Preyus. Will the combined strength of these brothers prove to be enough to defeat the Aquos Warrior?

Episode # 31: A Place Far From Home

Shun is stuck with the female Ventus Lord, Oberus, who has summoned a child that looks like Shun's mom to battle. The child convinces Shun to play with her while the sun is still setting, which it never does. Shun must battle himself as well when he is forced to choose between going back or staying in this world with his mother. In the battle with Oberus, Shun believes that he doesn't need his friends. His belief causes Skyress to die after a great impact with Oberus. When Shun realises his mistake, a tear drops down onto Skyress' ability card, changing it, and miraculously reviving Skyress, causing her to evolve into Ventus Storm Skyress.

Episode # 32: Play Nice Runo

Runo and Tigrerra must battle a young boy from Runo's past (a smaller version of Dan) summoned by the Haos lord, Lars Lion. The test is for Runo to realize how much she truly treasures her and Dan's friendship/love. When Tigrerra is getting hit by Lars Lion's piercing arrows of light, Runo realises the friendship/love that she treasures and says "We are Friends Forever Dan!" in the English dub, while she says "I love you Dan!" in the Japanese Version. When Runo realizes this, Tigrerra evolves into Haos Blade Tigrerra.

Episode # 33: You’re Going Down, Clown

Dan must battle the Pyrus Lord, Apollonir, in order for him and his friends to return to their world. He and Drago soon find out that they're battling a clown. Dan manages to win the battle, but Drago doesn't evolve. When Dan rips off the clown's mask, it turns out to be Runo. In order for Drago to evolve and Dan to past his test, he must battle, and win, against each of the Brawlers.

Episode # 34: Home Sweet Home

Joe is determined to find out where his friends have gone, so he challenges Masquerade to a battle. At first Joe appears to be outmatched, but Wavern returns to give Joe assistance. The Brawlers also return, and Masquerade realizes his battle is only beginning. Dan explains everything about the Bakugan to his mother, who believes him and asks Drago to take care of him. Naga is revealed as one of the most dangerous Bakugan in the world.

Episode # 35: Dan’s Last Stand

Dan tells Shun, Julie, and Marucho that he has yet to pass the test in the Doom Dimension and the only way to have Drago evolve he has to defeat his friends one by one. Julie first battles Dan and Dan wins. Then, he battles Marucho and wins again. Shun says he will battle Dan the next morning. Masquerade is in the Doom Dimension and is about to start a battle with Alice.

Episode # 36: Show Me What You’ve Got

Dan's final test is to beat his friends so his Dragonoid can evolve to the next level and become the Ultimate Bakugan. Dan battles Runo and Shun while Masquerade goes to see the Darkus Lord, Exedra, and he ends up fighting Alice as a mirage.

Episode # 37: You Say You Want an Evolution

Joe shows up after Dan defeats Julie, Marucho, and Runo for Wavern to check out Drago's battling skills when Dan and Shun have their battle to finish Dan's test. Meanwhile, the Darkus Lord and Masquerade finish their battle. In the end Drago beats Skyress and becomes Pyrus Ultimate Dragonoid, and Dual Hydranoid beats the Darkus Lord and evolves into Darkus Alpha Hydranoid.

Episode # 38: Behind the Mask of Masquerade

Alice is surrounded by fog, and finds out she's at the town where Dan lives. Runo finds her and tells her to get some rest and she asks her mom to look out for her. Meanwhile at Dan's house, all of the Brawlers, including Dans mother, watch the news about the strange weather happening around the world. While the the bakugan explain to Dans mother about the bakugan, Joe receives a message from Masquerade, asking him to brawl him again with his new Alpha Hydranoid. Dan decides he'll take over to fight Masquerade with Drago to end it once and for all with Masquerade. Dan wins and offers Masquerade to join the Battle Brawlers to help defeat Naga. But Masquerade refuses and takes off his mask. It is revealed that Alice was Masquerade the whole time!

Episode # 39: Masquerade Unmasked

Hal-G appears to explain the origin of Alice and Masquerade. Because she is unable to forgive herself, Alice then disappears. Meanwhile a huge hole opens up in the ocean and weird weather has been happening all throughout the earth. Through much convincing, the Brawlers convince their parents about the Bakugan. What will they find in the decaying Vestroia? Dan and the Brawlers decide to take a little road trip, to Vestroia!

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