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Karley Scott Collins Interview

Apr 28, 2010

Karley Scott Collins has been quietly making a name for herself in small roles, but now she’s taking on some heavy material in Amish Grace. Karley Scott Collins talked to Kidzworld about her new movie, meeting Paris Hilton and Open Season 3!

Before Karley tackled some serious issues in Amish Grace, she played the younger version of Paris Hilton in the Hottie and the Nottie! “It was great,” says Karley. “It was my first movie so I was super excited to film it. I did get to meet [Paris], she was really sweet to me. I hung out in her trailer for a little while and played with her dogTinkerbell—[who was] really cute!”

Puppy Love

Karley has some pets of her own, too! “I have a Maltese named Rose, she’s really tiny—she weighs 2 pounds!” Karley also keeps “two Dog De Bordeauxs named Pixie and Bentley and an African Grey Timneh parrot named Sassy—she talks a lot, especially when you don’t want her too!”

Amish Grace

Karley wanted a challenge for her next role, and the character of Katie Graber offered just that. Amish Grace is the true life story of Nickel Mines, a peaceful town where a tragedy involving the deaths of five Amish children changes its community forever. Karley plays Katie Grabaer, the daughter of Ida Graber, played by Kimberly Paisley. “[My character] is having a hard time forviging the man who shot my sister,” Karley says. “…[there were] lots of mixed emotions like guilt and sadness.” Still, Karley says she was “excited about [Amish Grace] because I thought I could show people a different side of what I can do as an actress.”

Angelina Jolie & Sandra Bullock

Acting in such an emotionally heavy movie can’t be easy, but Karley looks up to some great actors whose influence helped her nail the part. “After working with Kimberly Paisley, she became one of my favorite actors,” Karley says. “I was really impressed with her.” Who else does Karley look up to? “Angelina Jolie, because of her action films,” she says. “I love that she’s not just a girly girl and that she’s tough.” Karley also appreciates “Sandra Bullock for her role in The Blind Side. I was so amazed at how she totally became the character.”

Open Season 3

So what’s Karley up to next? Listen for Karley Scott Collins as the voice of Gisella, the daughter deer to Elliott in Open Season 3. “It was a blast,” Karley says of her first animated feature, “I laughed the whole time!”

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