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The Simpsons 20 Years: The Complete 20th Season DVD

Jul 10, 2018

Happy Simpsonniversary! It's been 20 years since The Simpsons graced TV screens as a fully-fledged series, and Fox just released The Simpsons 20 Years: The Complete Twentieth Season DVD. To celebrate two decades of "D’oh!” we’ve listed the 20 best moments of The Simpsons over the last 20 years!

No. 20: Homer Choking Bart

"Why you little!”

No. 19: Spider Pig

The Simpsons Movie included some of the best gags ever. Homer's pet pig was one of the best – especially the song. (The Simpsons Movie, 2007)

No. 18: Planet Of The Apes

The Broadway musical version of Planet Of The Apes was something only a show like The Simpsons could pull off.

No. 17: Bart Studies For The First Time …

… and fails the test anyway. Until he comes up with a brilliant reason for his failure, which helps him pass the exam after all. (Season 2)

No. 16: Gentle Ben: Talk Show Host

The lovable 1960s TV bear Gentle Ben with a mic strapped to his head goes on murderous rampage at the sight of the doughnut table. (Season 6)

No. 15: Sideshow Bob & The Rakes

Picture it: Evil genius Sideshow Bob surrounded by rakes that he keeps stepping on and that keep hitting him in the face. Hilarious! (Season 5)

No. 14: Maggie Mayhem

Maggie Simpson is most famous for being one answer to the two-part-episode question: "Who shot Mr. Burns?" (Seasons 6/7)

No. 13: Grandpa’s Stories

Of all Grandpa Abe Simpson's stories about the good old days, the most memorable is the one about him tying an onion to his belt during the 1930s. (Season 4)

No. 12: Brain Vs Stomach?

Helping the local news bust Apu for selling rancid meat, Homer was torn between outrage and hunger:
Homer: "Your old meat made me sick!"
Apu: "I'm so sorry. Please accept 5lb of frozen shrimp"
Homer: "This shrimp isn't frozen! And it smells funny!"
Apu: "Okay, 10lb"
Homer: "Woohoo!" (Season 5)

No. 11: You've Finally Made A Monkey Out Of Me

When Troy McClure married Selma the show featured clips of all his famous "You may remember me from such films as…" line. Planet Of The Apes: The Musical, won. (Season 7)

No. 10: Investigating Homer's Alien Encounter

"We're going to run a few tests. This is a simple lie detector. I'll ask you a few 'yes or no' questions; you just answer truthfully. Do you understand?"
Homer: "Yes"
[Lie detector machine blows up] (Season 8)

No. 9: Homer & Bart Become Catholics

Homer: "In your face, Lord!" (Season 16)

No. 8: Mindy Almost Steals Homer's Heart

But just in time, Homer remembers who he loves, and sings this love song: "Oh Margie. You came and you brought me a turkey. On my vacation away from worky." (Season 5)

No. 7: Homer & Stephen Hawking

Homer tries to stick Stephen Hawking with a bar bill by putting on a robot voice, and gets punched in the head by the boxing glove hidden in Hawking's wheelchair. (Season 10)

No. 6: See My Vest

Mr. Burns’ amazing tribute to the animals he loves (and loves to wear). (Season 6)

No. 5: Monorail Song

All the citizens of Springfield needed to hear to convince them to install a monorail was a good old-fashioned song!

No. 4: Disco Stu

Disco Stu likes disco music. AND … Disco Stu doesn’t advertise.

No. 3: Chief Wiggum, Professional Cop

"Alright everybody. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here, please go away. nothing that we already haven't seen … Oh! My Gaaad! Look! It's a flaming wreckage! Hey, everybody, come and look, crowd around, no need to be shy! Everybody, take something!!!" (Season 7)

No. 2: Bovine University

Lisa Simpson’s class is exposed to a short film about where meat comes from, and the movie inspires Ralph Wiggum to proudly pipe up: “When I grow up, I’m going to Bovine University!”

No. 1: Max Power

The Max Power theme song!

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