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2010 Winter Olympic Games: Day 5 Recap

Feb 18, 2010

Wanna get up to date on all the highlights from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, taking place in Vancouver, BC, Canada? Just leave it to Kidzworld! Here's a recap of the events that took place on Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

Top 3 Countries Medal Count: Day 5

Germany: 3 Gold; 4 Silver; 2 Bronze - TOTAL: 9
United States: 2 Gold; 4 Silver; 4 Bronze - TOTAL: 10
France: 2 Gold; 2 Bronze; 4 Bronze - TOTAL: 8

German Gold

On the fifth day of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Germany added two Gold Medals to its tally and pulled ahead of the United States in number of medals won.

Men's & Women's Hockey

Team USA's Women's Ice Hockey Team, featuring all-star female players like team captain Natalie Darwitz and leading scorer Jenny Potter beat the Russian Federation's team by a huge margin of 13-0 in the Women's Preliminary Round.

But in Men's Hockey, the Russian Federation celebrated a win rather than a loss, beating the Latvian team 8-2 in a Game 3 of Group B match.

Men's & Women's Curling

In Women's Curling the US lost to Japan by 7-9 while the American men's team lost to Germany by 5-7. Then Norway beat the United States by 6-5. Looks like the States has some brushing up to do - in the curling department!

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